Jim Moult Wins Dusk till Dawn October Deepstack

Jim “BookieBasher” Moult overturned a 3-to-1 chip deficit in the heads-up of the Dusk till Dawn October Deepstack to win the event and the £25,000 first prize.

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Jim Moult Wins Dusk till Dawn October DeepstackJim “BookieBasher” Moult overturned a 3-to-1 chip deficit in the heads-up of the Dusk till Dawn October Deepstack to win the event and the £25,000 first prize.

Despite clashing with the London Poker Festival, 329 players entered the three Day 1s of the £300.00 buy-in Dusk till Dawn October Deepstack last weekend – meaning that owner Rob Yong only had to fish some loose change out of his pockets to make up the overlay in the £100,000 guarantee.

After twelve levels of play either online (Day 1A was played online) or at the Nottingham club (Days 1B and 1C), 104 players survived to take their seats for the concluding Day 2; and it was not until after 10.00pm that the final table of nine was set when Jonathan Kalmar (who was one of the final tablers in the DTD Grand Prix two weeks ago) spiked an Ace on the River to bust Simon Kugelstadt in tenth.

# DTD Deepstack Final Table Chips
1 Jim Moult 2,750,000
2 Jonathan Kalmar 2,000,000
3 Ian Barnett 1,800,000
4 Adam Picken 1,500,000
5 Shola Akindele 925,000
6 Gary Phillips 850,000
7 Lee Williamson 500,000
8 Nitin Hindoja 455,000
9 Kyriacos Dionysiou 147,000


Antio Jack – the Only Player not to Double Up

Kyriacos “Greek Jack” Dionysiou was another player to get to the final table of last month´s DTD Grand Prix, and on that occasion he was lucky to double-up his short stack 8-8 > A-A in the first hand. This time around he was also the first player to get his chip stack in early (with A-Q against the A-9 of Adam Picken), but the Gods were not smiling on him when the cards were dealt, as Picken caught a Nine on the Turn to eliminate Dionysiou in ninth place (“Antio” means “Goodbye” in Greek).

The remainder of the level saw double-ups for Lee Williamson (flopped a full house against Jonathan Kalmar), Nitin Hindoja (pocket Jacks held against Kalmar´s A-9) and Adam Picken (flopped straight > Kalmar´s flopped two pairs) so that, by the time the blinds had risen to 20,000/40,000, Adam Picken had moved into the chip lead with 3.1 million chips, while Jonathan Kalmar was now the short-stack with around 250,000 chips.

Picken Starts to Run Away

Adam Picken increased his lead still further when he bust out Ian Barnet in eighth (K-9o > A-Qo – Picken paired his King on the Flop and hit Trips on the Turn), Jonathan Kalmar in seventh (A-10 > K-2) and Shola Akindele in fifth (J-J > J-10s) to have command of more than half the chips in play. Closest challenger Jim Moult took a hit to his chip stack when doubling up Nitin Hindoja (Q-Q > A-J) and, as blinds increased to 25,000/50,000, the approximate chip stacks of the five remaining players looked like this:-

# DTD Deepstack Final Table Chips
1 Adam Picken 7,000,000
2 Jim Moult 1,500,000
3 Gary Phillips 1,000,000
4 Nitin Hindoja 1,000,000
5 Lee Williamson 500,000


Moult Busts Two to Face Picken in Heads Up

Lee Williamson (A-Q) was the next player to depart the Dusk till Dawn October Deepstack; calling Jim Moults shove with pocket Queens and failing to find the Ace he needed for a double-up. Williamson was soon followed by Nitin Hindoja, who was unlucky to be eliminated in fourth when his A-2 was ahead of Gary Phillips´ J-9 until Phillips caught a runner-runner gutshot straight; but Phillips´ luck reversed shortly after, and he was bust from the tournament in third after rivering a Full House (Tens over Aces) which failed to improve past the Full House of Jim Moult (Jacks over Tens).

Jim Moult Fights Back to Win October Deepstack

Going into the heads-up (blinds now 40,000/80,000), Adam Picken held an 8 million -v- 3 million chip advantage over Jim Moult, but Moult quickly narrowed the gap with a double-up J-J > 5-5 and then forced several big-pot folds out of Picken to level up the chip counts. The balance of play swung back and forth for almost three hours until a cooler of a hand decided the event.

Jim Moult four-bet shoved with pocket Nines and was called by Adam Picken (A-Q). The flop of Q-9-7 paired Picken´s Queen, but also gave Moult a set of Nines. A Deuce on the Turn improved neither hand, and another Queen on the River gave Picken Trip Queens, but also filled up Jim Moult´s hand into a Full House. Moult had Picken just about covered and – just before 4.00am in the morning – became the DTD October Deepstack Champion.

# DTD Deepstack Result Prize
1 Jim Moult £25,000
2 Adam Picken £15,000
3 Gary Phillips £10,000
4 Nitin Hindoja £7,000
5 Lee Williamson £5,000
6 Shola Akindele £3,600
7 Jonathan Kalmar £2,800
8 Ian Barnett £2,200
9 Kyriacos Dionysiou £1,700