iPoker Network to Run Football Fever Promo Thru Euro 2016

€100K Football Fever at iPoker NetworkSkins on the iPoker Network are celebrating Euro 2016 with a €100,000 “Football Fever” promotion running throughout the European soccer championships.

If you love playing online poker and you love soccer, you are in for a treat over the next six weeks as skins on the iPoker Network host a massive “Football Fever” promotion to coincide with Euro 2016.

“Football Fever” is guaranteed to pay out at least €100,000 over the six weeks of the promotion and, with multiple elements of the promotion having very deep payout structures, it would be very difficult for players to take part in the promotion and fail to add to their bankrolls.

The promotion is very similar to other mission-based promotions hosted already this year by sites such as William Hill Poker and Everest Poker, but with the difference that it is going to divided into three sections – the “Kick Off” section, the “Football” section, and the “Finale” section.

Kick-Off Missions – June 1st to June 10th

The kick off section of the promotion starts this coming Wednesday. From Wednesday, and up until the kick off of the first Euro 2016 match between France and Romania on Friday June 10th, players will be awarded a ticket to a “Kick Off First Half” All-In Shootout for completing either or both of two simple missions each day:

  • Mission 1 – Play at least thirty hands of NL Texas Hold´em, Speed Poker or 6-Plus Poker (heads-up games excluded) and at least three games of Twister Poker with a minimum buy-in of €1.00.
  • Mission 2 – Deposit a minimum of €10.00 and play a minimum of ten hands of NL Texas Hold´em, Speed Poker or 6-Plus Poker (again heads-up games excluded).

The “Kick Off First Half” All-In Shootout tournaments award the top 750 players in each Shootout with an entry in the “Kick Off Second Half” All-In Shootout on Friday June 10th at 9:00pm (GMT). This Shootout has a prize pool of €15,000 with an ultra-flat payout structure that will pay up to 7,500 places depending on how many players qualify for the tournament.

It is worth noting that the “Kick Off Second Half” All-In Shootout is a multi-entry event. Players can enter up to eleven times if they have been fortunate and won multiple entries in the eleven preceding “Kick Off First Half” tournaments.

Football Missions – June 10th to July 10th

The second stage of the “Football Fever” promotion is also mission-based. Players are given two missions each day to complete, and are awarded with a seat in a twice-daily “Fever” All-In Shootout – each with €1,000 in cash prizes – for each mission they complete. The missions vary according to the day of the week throughout the qualifying period, for example:

  • On each Monday throughout the promotion, players are awarded their first “Fever” All-In Shootout seat for playing in three or more Twister or Sit & Go games with a minimum buy-in of €1.00.
  • The second “Fever” All-In Shootout seat on the four Mondays of the promotion is awarded for playing a minimum of twenty-five cash game hands (heads-up excluded).

Players have to manually register for the “Fever” All-In Shootout of their choice (12:00noon or 7:00pm), but once registered do not have to actively participate in the tournament as they will be all-in every hand regardless of what cards they are dealt. Players can only win a maximum of two entries into the “Fever All-In Shootouts” per day and unused entries have no redemption value.

Finale Mission – Sunday July 10th @ 9:00pm

The Finale Mission is not a standalone mission per se, but a mission that runs alongside the previous Football Missions. Players who have fulfilled the qualifying criteria for the Football Missions, and played in at least five “Fever” All-in Shootouts, will qualify for the €25,000 Finale Mission freeroll tournament on Sunday July 10th @ 9:00pm (GMT).

The seat in the €25,000 Finale Mission freeroll tournament is awarded in addition to any cash won in the “Fever” All-In Shootouts, but unlike the “Fever” tournaments, players have to be logged into their accounts and physically play in the Finale Mission if they wish to win one of the cash prizes (First place pays €1,882.50, with the top 1,692 players winning a cash prize).

Depending on which two teams make it to the final of Euro 2016, the “Finale Mission” freeroll tournament could be a very easy event to cash in. For example if two big drinking nations such as England and Germany play in the Euro 2016 final, players from other countries may find hundreds of players sitting out – or at least playing irrationally – after the final whistle blows.

Football Fever Starts on Wednesday

Although the Football Fever promotion is a little more complicated that the usual mission-based promotions run on the iPoker Network, it is well worth taking part in. With the exception depositing €10.00 or more each day during the first stage of the promotion, players will not have to vary their usual action by very much to be in with the chance of adding to their bankrolls.

Football Fever gets underway on this coming Wednesday 1st June. Make sure of your place in the prize money by playing at William Hill Poker or Everest Poker – where you will also be awarded points towards each site´s respective VIP program when you contribute to the rake deducted from a cash game pot or pay an entry fee to play in a Twister or Sit & Go game.