Intertops Fills Gap in Evening Schedule – with Chocolate

Intertops Poker has added a new tournament to its early evening schedule for European players – a re-buy and add-on event called the Chocolate Factory.

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Intertops Poker has added a new tournament to its early evening schedule for European players – a re-buy and add-on event called the Chocolate Factory.

Because of Intertops Poker´s international appeal, the site is able to host feature tournaments around the clock. Some of these feature tournaments coincide with an event taking place at the location after which the tournament is named; which is why if you play from Europe you will find an LA Sundowner tournament scheduled for 4:05am CEST (it being 7:05pm the previous day Pacific Time).

The timings for most Intertops Poker feature tournaments suit European players very well. There are the Australian-facing Ripper and Fair Dinkum tournaments at 11:05am CEST and 1:05pm CEST respectively, the Canadian-facing Montreal Lunch Date at 6:05pm CEST, the Stockholm Sundowner at 8:05pm CEST, and the Honolulu Bruch tournament starting a few minutes after midnight CEST.

However, Intertops Poker has decided European players need more in their early evening schedule and is launching a new Chocolate Factory tournament to fill the gap between the Montreal Lunch Date and Stockholm Sundowner. The new tournament is advertised as having a Swiss theme, although it is our belief chocolate is loved the world over and so every nationality is invited to take part.

More about the New Chocolate Factory Tournament

The Chocolate Factory tournament is scheduled for 7:15pm CEST (1:15pm ET) on Mondays to Saturdays. It is a re-buy and add-on tournament with a buy-in of $8.80 and a guaranteed prize pool of $500. The tournament has a regular eight-minute level structure and a late registration period of sixty minutes – during which time players can purchase up to ninety-nine re-buys for $8.00 each.

The starting stack and re-buys are for 4,000 chips each; and, at the end of the re-buy period, the option exists of purchasing a 6,000 chip add-on for a further $8.00. In theory, you could jump into the tournament during the first break, pay for your buy-in, a re-buy, and an add-on for a total of $24.80, and start the freezeout section of the tournament with a chip stack equivalent to thirty-five Big Blinds.

In reality, this might be the best way to play this tournament. The total number of players entering this tournament is likely to be smaller than for a Sundowner tournament because the start time is not convenient for players in the US (where it is close to noon depending what side of the country you live on) or Australia – where the local start time is 1:00am in Perth and 3:00am in Sydney.

Other Events to Watch Out for at Intertops Poker

Intertops Poker is also packing its European-facing tournament schedule with midweek “Mighty Midget” tournaments. These low buy-in events start every two hours from 2:15pm CEST and include a good range of events such as Omaha tournaments, KO tournaments, and Deepstack tournaments. The last tournament of each day has a buy-in of just ten gold chips and pays out $50 in cash.

The site has also announced a Roller Skate Jam Series consisting of $2,000 guaranteed NL Hold´em tournaments with a $33.00 buy-in. These are not so European-friendly as they start at 1:00am CEST on Sunday mornings throughout July, but players in Europe are better placed to take advantage of the freeroll satellite on Saturday afternoon (10:05am ET/4:05pm CEST) – which, if you win a ticket, might make staying up late worthwhile to play in the target tournament.

If you live in Europe and you do not yet have an account with Intertops Poker, it could be to your advantage to check some of these feature tournaments out. Winning them won´t make you rich overnight, but you´ll likely enjoy a far better experience than you´ll find at most other European-facing poker sites, plus you get to take advantage of one of the best player reward programs in the industry – more about which you can read in our [isGeoAllowed room=”intertopspoker”]Intertops Poker review[/isGeoAllowed][isNotGeoAllowed room=”intertopspoker]Intertops Poker review[/isNotGeoAllowed].