How Much is the MILLIONS Online Guarantee Costing Party Poker?

The $20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online tournament could cost Party Poker far more than any overlay the event incurs due to overlays occurring elsewhere.

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Party Poker's Millions OnlineThe $20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online tournament could cost Party Poker far more than any overlay the event incurs due to overlays occurring elsewhere.

Last Sunday, Party Poker hosted Day 1A of its $5,300 buy-in Millions Online tournament. The event attracted 1,574 entries and – with four Day 1s remaining – some observers speculated the tournament could reach its ambitious $20 million guarantee. In order to avoid an overlay, the four remaining Day 1s need to attract a further 2,200 entries – which is not beyond the realms of impossibility, but unlikely considering the site has been hosting qualifiers into Day 1A for several months.

At the time of writing, just 25 players have registered for tomorrow´s Day 1B; and, although a bigger entry is anticipated for next Sunday´s Day 1C, the final two opening legs take place next Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon – hardly peak times at Party Poker. Therefore, a more balanced forecast for the outcome of the MILLIONS Online event is that it will attract a further 1,000 to 1,200 entries and overlay by about $5 million. But that´s not the whole story.

Hundreds of Thousands Given Away in Added Tickets

For the past few weeks, Party Poker has been supplementing the satellites and sub-satellites feeding into the MILLIONS Online tournaments with hundreds of added tickets. So, for example, whereas a regular $22.00 buy-in satellite awarding tournament tickets with a value of $109.00 would usually pay one-in-five players, some have been paying as many as one-in three players. Tickets have been added to every stage of the qualification tree from Centroll level to the $109 buy-in sub-satellites.

The total value of the added tickets is approaching $40,000 each day, plus Party Poker is increasing the number of daily Mega Satellites feeding into the remaining Day 1s – likely resulting in more overlays despite the higher volume of players qualifying for the Mega-Satellites due to the added tickets. It remains to be seen just how big the overlays are in the remaining Mega-Satellites – especially in events such as the 50 seat guaranteed Mega-Satellite scheduled for midday (GMT) next Tuesday.

Overlays Occurring Elsewhere on Party Poker

While players focus on taking advantage of the opportunities to qualify for the MILLIONS Online tournament, overlays are occurring elsewhere on the site. Although the majority of Party Poker´s “regular” feature tournaments are just about reaching their guarantees, the satellites feeding into them are frequently undersubscribed. For example, one $11.00 buy-in satellite guaranteeing five tournament tickets with a value of $55.00 only attracted twelve players.

There are plenty of examples throughout the day and at all price points in which approximately half the field is getting paid or in which Party Poker collects less than half the prize pool value in buy-ins. In many of these satellites it can be particularly lucrative to wait until the last level of late registration and then enter the tournament – increasing your chances of winning a tournament ticket for a higher buy-in event by as much as 75% (which explains why the “regular” tournaments are reaching their guarantees).

So, What´s the Total Cost of the MILLIONS Online Guarantee?

Regardless of the final tally of entries for the five Day 1s of the MILLIONS Online tournament, Party Poker will have given away more than $1 million in added tickets and undersubscribed qualifiers to its headline event, plus another further $1 million in undersubscribed tournaments and satellites elsewhere on the site. That´s an awful lot of free poker money for anybody in a position to take advantage of it, and it doesn´t include unrelated promotions Party Poker is running at the same time.

If you would like to take advantage of the extra value currently on the tables at Party Poker, head over to the site today at any time and take a look at the satellites lobby. If you are not yet playing at the site, don´t miss this opportunity to boost your bankroll and take advantage of a first deposit bonus of up to $500/€250/£250 – you can find the [geolink href=””]full details here[/geolink]. Good luck qualifying for the $20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online tournament!