Have You Cashed on Party´s FastForward Leaderboards Yet?

With a new week about to start, there is a new opportunity for players to grab a slice of the $80,000 up for grabs across Party´s 18 FastForward leaderboards.

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Party Poker´s FastForward Leaderboards

With a new week about to start, there is a new opportunity for players to grab a slice of the $80,000 up for grabs across Party´s 18 FastForward leaderboards.

Last month, Party Poker reconfigured its FastForward leaderboard promotion by dividing it into eighteen different competitions. It also increased the total value of the weekly cash prizes to $80,000. The new format gives players of all bankroll levels a chance to pick up some extra cash, as well as earn points in the quickest way possible towards the weekly cashback promotion.

As each leaderboard starts on Monday and runs until 23:59 pm (CEST) on Sunday, players hitting the virtual felt early in the week have a good opportunity to put some space between themselves and the chasing pack. Just remember to opt into the promotion before putting in a colossal session – otherwise, the points you earn towards the leaderboard competitions won´t count!

FastForward Poker in a Nutshell

FastForward Poker is Party Poker´s name for fast-fold poker – 6-Max cash games of NL Hold´em and PL Omaha in which you have the option of folding your cards at any stage of a hand and immediately being dealt a new set of cards at a new table against new opponents. The format of the game means players can be dealt thousands of hands per hour when multi tabling up to six tables.

The benefit of playing FastForward Poker is that you don´t have to wait for a hand to be played out when you have folded your cards before getting involved in a new hand. This means you can win more in a session (you can also lose more as well if you don´t know when to stop), and you can also earn more points towards Party Poker´s cashback promotion.

The FastForward Leaderboard Competitions

The best way to explain the FastForward leaderboard competitions is to describe them as rake races. For each dollar you contribute to the rake deducted from a FastForward game, you are awarded one leaderboard point. If you contribute a fraction of a dollar to the rake, you are award a fraction of a point. i.e. $0.05 contributed = 0.05 points, $0.10 contributed = 0.10 points, and so on.

The points add up on the leaderboard relating to the game and stake you are playing. There are separate leaderboards for NL Hold´em games and PL Omaha games, and nine different stake levels for each game (from $0.01/$0.02 to $5.00/$10.00). There is no limit on how many leaderboards you can compete in, or how many prizes you can win. It´s all down to how much you contribute to the rake.

The Distribution of Prize Money

As you might expect, the distribution of prize money favors high rollers playing NL Hold´em. However, whereas only the top five players get paid at the highest NL Hold´em stake level (only three players in the $5.00/$10.00 PLO leaderboard competition), as you move into the better-populated stake zones (i.e. $0.10/$0.25) the number of places paid increases.

For example, if you are playing the NL Hold´em FastForward Poker leaderboard competition, you could be one of 22 players who cash in the competition (12 players cash in the equivalent PLO leaderboard competition); while at lower stake levels, the top 12 players cash in the NL Hold´em FastForward Poker leaderboard competitions (top 8 players in the lower PLO leaderboard competitions).

A Good Chance to Cash by Playing Early

To date, the promotion in its new format has been running for five weeks, and although it could be significantly lucrative for many players, it´s not yet set the world alight judging by the number of players occupying regular cash game tables last Sunday afternoon. Therefore, if you want to get a head start on the competition for this week´s leaderboard competitions, we suggest you [isGeoAllowed room=”partypoker”]head to Party Poker[/isGeoAllowed][isNotGeoAllowed]head to Party Poker[/isNotGeoAllowed] as soon as you can, opt-in, select a game and stake, and start playing.