Hasan Anter Leads Three-Way Battle for WSOP 2011 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Crown

Sweden’s Hasan Anter will take a big chip lead into the fourth day of the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas tonight.

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Hasan AnterSweden’s Hasan Anter will take a big chip lead into the fourth day of the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas tonight.

Just three players remain from an original entry of 3,389, with Anter’s chip stack of 8,385,000 being well ahead of Michigan-based Nemer Haddad’s 3,440,000 and that of Texan Andy Philachack’s 3,235,000.

The prize pool for event #56 sits at $4,575,150, with $777,928 and a gold bracelet going to the winner, while second place will pick up $479,521 and $345,698 is set aside for the third-placed finisher.

Just 42 players started day three in the Amazon Room of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, but the WSOP’s hard-stop rule denied us a final result last night.

The third day began slowly, but – after Florida’s Albert Strickland was eliminated in 42nd place for $14,914 – things picked up as another 23 players were sent to the rail within the next three hours.

Maryland’s James Boyle caused some discomfort among players by his unpredictable behaviour, particularly during an important hand between Canadian Gavin Smith and Australian Rayan Nathan.

A rattled Smith was eliminated not long after this hand in 12th place for $46,209, while Bryan Paris – a fellow Canadian – was knocked out in 11th for the same cash prize.

New York State’s Bryn Kenney ($46,209) followed in 10th place after his J J♣ lost a coinflip to Philachack’s A K as the board showed 8 9♣ 2♣ A 6 – and he was joined on the sidelines a short while later by Boyle. Boyle went all-in with A K, but couldn’t beat Philachack’s 6♠ 6 as the board revealed 7♠ Q 10♣ Q 4.

Selim Oulmekki, of France, then took control of the final table, before Ryan Goindoo, from Los Angeles, was dismissed by John Horvatich in eighth place for $77,914 when his 4♠ 4 was beaten by his Pennsylvania opponent’s A♣ Q♣ on a board that showed 6 7 7♠ 6♣ 3♠.

Aussie Nathan fell by the wayside in seventh place for $102,803 when he went all-in with A 6, only to run into Anter’s K K.

Horvatich ($137,025) and New Jersey’s John Borzio ($184,561) finished in fifth and fourth respectively. The former went all-in with K♠ K, but encountered Anter’s 8♠ 8♣, which hit a set on the flop before improving to a full house. Borzio was out in the next hand during the biggest three-way pot of the event as his A♠ K lost out to Anter’s J 9♣ on a board of 9 2 3♣ 8 5♣. Philachack had folded after the turn.

Oulmekki’s powerful play finally failed when he was busted in fourth. The Frenchman got all his chips in on a 8 6 Q♣ 9♣ board with J♠ 8♠, only to discover that Anter’s Q J had made top pair. The river came Q for Anter to make trips.

Haddad was at risk a few times thereafter, but doubled-up twice through Anter to stay in contention.

One big hand saw Haddad, on the button, raise to 275,000 and small blind Philachack fold. However, Anter re-raised to make it 600,000. Haddad called, before Anter led for 900,000 after a 10♠ 7 K♠ flop. Haddad shoved all-in and Anter laid down his hand.

Anter also saw his stack diminished somewhat in another important hand – this time to Philachack.

Anter, on the button this time, raised to 275,000 with Haddad folding his small blind, before big blind Philachack called to go heads-up on a flop that showed 5♣ J A♣. Philachack checked, while Anter swiftly bet, but then folded when Philachack check-raised all-in.

But Anter regained most of his lost chips through Haddad soon after. On the button, Philachack folded and small blind Anter raised to 300,000. Big blind Haddad called, before Anter led for 400,000 after a 2 7 J flop. Haddad called, but folded when Anter fired in 650,000 on the A turn.

The last hand to really have any importance came with about 20 minutes of play remaining for the day.

After a pre-flop pot raise, Philachack and Haddad went heads-up on a flop of 2♣ J J♣. Philachack bet 250,000 and Haddad called, before both checked the 3 turn.

Philachack check-called Haddad’s 725,000 bet on the 8♣ river, but folded as Philachack showed K 8 for two pair.

That was really it for the day as tournament supervisor Bob Smith called full-time to mean we’ll be back for a fourth day this evening.

Final three and chip counts from the WSOP 2011 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event:

1. Hasan Anter (Sweden) – 8,385,000

2. Nemer Haddad (USA) – 3,440,000

3. Andy Philachack (USA) – 3,235,000

Placings 4-10 and payouts from the WSOP 2011 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event:

4. Selim Oulmekki (France) – $251,267

5. John Borzio (USA) – $184,561

6. John Horvatich (USA) – $137,025

7. Rayan Nathan (Australia) – $102,803

8. Ryan Goindoo (USA) – $77,914

9. James Boyle (USA) – $59,705

10. Bryn Kenney (USA) – $46,209