Harrison Wilder Wins WSOP 2011 $1,500 Limit Hold’em

WSOP 2011A third bracelet, as well as $205,000, was awarded last night, when yet another American, Harrison Wilder, emerged as the WSOP 2011 $1,500 Limit Hold’em champ from a 675-player field.

Wilder – who is from Portland in Oregon, although he now lives in Vegas – faced Bakersfield’s Thomas Jamieson in a heads-up clash to decide the winner.

The final two hands made for enthralling viewing as Wilder raised the button before bet-calling a 4d-4s-7d flop. The 8h came on the turn and Wilder again bet-called a check-raise, before the As on the river saw Jamieson bet. But Wilder called with Ah-7c for his two pair to beat his opponent’s 6s-8d.

The last hand saw Jamieson four-bet all-in with Kd-10d before a board of Js-Qd-3h-7d-2s came. However, Wilder’s As-2d held up and the match-up was all over.

Jamieson picked up $126,654 for his runner-up place.

Final table finishes and payouts from the $1,500 Limit Hold’em event:
1. Harrison Wilder (USA) – $205,065
2. Thomas Jamieson (USA) – $126,654
3. John Myung (USA) – $89,840
4. William Davis (USA) – $64,625
5. Matthew Elsby (USA) – $47,138
6. Sean Nguyen (USA) – $34,864
7. Craig Laben (USA) – $26,134
8. Mitch Schock (USA) – $19,856
9. Scott Clements (USA) – $15,281