Hao Chen Demolishes Macau Millions Final Table

Chinese poker player Hao Chen won the record-breaking PokerStars Macau Millions in record time – demolishing the ten-handed final table in just 3½ hours!

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Hao Chen Wins PokerStars Macau MillionsChinese poker player Hao Chen won the record-breaking PokerStars Macau Millions in record time – demolishing the ten-handed final table in just 3½ hours!

The HKD $2,200 buy-in PokerStars Macau Millions had a unique format in which the top 7% of players on each of the six Day 1s qualified for Day 2 and were guaranteed a min-cash of HKD $8,000. However, if players re-entered a later opening flight – and qualified for Day 2 again – they could forfeit the smaller of their stacks in return for an HKD $11,000 bonus.

Consequently the HKD $2 million guarantee for the PokerStars Macau Millions (around $257,500) was smashed, as 1,804 entries were recorded over the six opening flights – creating the biggest live poker tournament ever to be played in Asia. Of those 1,804 entries, 121 returned for Day 2 and – after ten levels of play – the final table was set when Hao Chen eliminated Orjan Skommo in eleventh place K♠ Q > 7 7 to move into the chip lead.

# PokerStars Macau Millions Chips
1 Hao Chen 2,910,000
2 Sheng Chang 2,855,000
3 Kenneth Leong 2,790,000
4 Lester Pinto 1,620,000
5 Chui Woo Jung 1,405,000
6 Chia Tsui 1,365,000
7 Thomas Tsang 1,215,000
8 Ping Cheong Fung 950,000
9 Miklos Viczena 570,000
10 Hongbing Li 505,000


Final Table: Action from the Start

With the final table starting with blinds of 20,000/40,000 (ante 5,000) there was no hanging around by the short stacks. Miklos Viczena lost a flip against Lester Pinto (10 10 > A♠ K♣) in the third hand of the day to be eliminated in tenth place, and he was quickly joined on the rail by Hongbing Li, who ran his A Q♣ into Pinto´s A A♣ – Pinto temporarily moving above 2 million chips before be crippled in a massive pot to Hao Chen.

Within an hour three more players were to bust – Thomas Tsang left the final table in eighth when his A K failed to improve passed Chai Tsui´s J♣ J, Lester Pinto departed in seventh place when his 9♠ 8 made two pairs, but Chui Woo Jung (A 7♠) found a better two pairs, and Chui Woo Jung himself hit the rail in sixth place when his 10♣ 8♣ missed the straight draw against Hao Chen two pairs – giving Chen 7.8 million of the 16.185 million chips in play as the table went five handed.

The final table of the PokerStars Macau Millions soon went four-handed when Kenneth Leong´s (A♠ J) flopped top pair held against Ping Cheong Fung´s (7 5♠) flopped bottom pair, and Chia Tsui was to be the next player out after moving all-in with K Q♠, and pairing his Queen on the River, but failing to overcome Kenneth Leong´s turned set of Nines. The heads-up was set when Kenneth Leong moved all-in with 4 3 on the board of 3♠ 9♣ 2 / 7 / 2♠ believing he had a third Deuce in his hand. Hao Chen made the call with K♣ K, and Leong was bust in third – while Chen took an 11.02 million -v- 5.165 million chip advantage into the heads-up against Sheng Chang.

Hao Chen Wins Macau Millions – After a Scare

The climax of the PokerStars Macau Millions was the longest passage of play without an elimination – lasting nearly an hour. During that time Sheng Chang played cautiously – and successfully – taking down a 1.5 million chip pot A 4 > Q♣ 3♠ before giving some back when forced out of a couple of big pots. However, Chang doubled-up into a narrow chip lead when his 9 7 flopped two pairs and improved into a Flush against Chen´s K Q, before Hao Chen again reduced his opponent´s stack with some aggressive post-flop betting.

The final hand of the PokerStars Macau Millions was pretty dramatic – even by Macau standards! With blinds now at 50,000/100,000 (ante 10,000), Sheng Chang raised to 300,000 and Hao Chen made the call. Chen checked the flop of 6 7♣ 10♣ and then called Chang´s bet of 500,000 chips. The Turn of 4 saw Hao Chen check-shove after Sheng Chang´s 1 million chip bet. Chang called and the cards were on their backs:

Sheng Chang: 6♣ 4♣ for two pairs and a flush draw

Hao Chen: 9♠ 8 for a flopped Ten-high straight

Chang needed a Six, a Four or any Club to double-up into a substantial chip lead, while Hao Chen needed to avoid those cards to become Macau Millions Champion. The dealer burned a card and then turned over the K♥ – inciting a huge roar of approval from the rail supporting Hao Chen – the winner of the 2014 Macau Millions.

# PokerStars Macau Millions Prize (HKD)
1 Hao Chen 550,000
2 Sheng Chang 400,000
3 Kenneth Leong 270,000
4 Chai Tsui 190,000
5 Ping Cheong Fung 135,000
6 Chui Woo Jung 105,000
7 Lester Pinto 85,000
8 Thomas Tsang 70,000
9 Hongbing Li 56,000
10 Miklos Viczena 43,760