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Global Poker is a poker site that is maintaining a rankings system used to determine the “best” 300 live poker tournament players in the world at the current time.

Established by Federated Sports and Gaming – the organisation behind the Epic Poker League – the Global Poker Index publishes a weekly league table of the most successful players, based on recent results and the value of the tournaments they participate in.

The Purpose of the Global Poker Index

The purpose of the Global Poker Index is two-fold. First it is an indicator of a player´s performance in live poker tournament events and, although there are no prizes attached for “winning the league”, it can demonstrate to a player how well he is playing. It is also used by the Epic Poker League to award 2, 3 or 5 year membership to the Epic Poker Leagues´ events and also to seed players in their Heads-Up tournaments.

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How Positions on the Global Poker Index are Calculated

Player´s results are analysed over the last three years and awarded points based on the value of open tournaments that they have entered (must be over $1,500 buy-in), their finishing position in relation to the number of entries (must be at least 21 entries to qualify) and how much they have cashed from the event. A combined score is then adjusted by an “aging factor” so that players who enjoyed a good series of results several years ago are not clinging to the top spot when they have failed to cash in the current year.

Criticisms of the Global Poker Index

One of the major criticisms of the Global Poker Index is that it only counts a player´s three best scoring tournaments in a six month period. Consequently, a top class player could be wrapping up all the poker tours around Europe with a buy-in of €5,000 and be way behind a player on the Global Poker Index whose only achievement is to final table in a handful of events which a far more substantial entry fee (see Shawn Buchanan´s Nº 5 ranking –v- Benny Spindler´s Nº42 ranking as of November 2011).

Global Poker Index Summary

No poker index is going to be capable of monitoring every poker player´s online activities, their live tournament performances and how well they do in cash games, and it would be asking too much for the Global Poker Index to accurately determine who is the “best” poker player of the time. As far as providing a reliable guide to who is enjoying a hot streak in the world of poker, movements within the Global Poker Index are a fair indicator of relative performance, and this is the primary benefit of the Global Poker Index.

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