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GGPoker´s $100,000 Drop Race Promo Starts on Thursday

GGPoker is launching a new leaderboard competition in which players winning the most cash drop hands will be rewarded with thousands of dollars in cash.

GGPoker $100K Drop Race

GGPoker is launching a new leaderboard competition in which players winning the most cash drop hands will be rewarded with thousands of dollars in cash.

GGPoker´s Rush & Cash game is fast-fold poker with a difference. At the start of randomly-selected hands, a cash drop showers chips onto the table in amounts varying from ten Big Blinds to five hundred Big Blinds. Smaller cash drops are added to the pot to increase the value of the pot to the winner of the hand, while larger cash drops are equally distributed among players dealt into the hand.

You never know when a cash drop will fall, or how much it will be worth; but, throughout August, every hand you win that has a cash drop added to the pot will contribute towards your position on a weekly leaderboard with a $3,000 first prize. Even if you don´t win the first prize, it is still worth playing at GGPoker´s Rush & Cash tables, because each week´s leaderboard will pay sixty places deep.

How the Drop Race Promotion Works

The concept behind the promotion is very simple. Play at any Rush & Cash fast-fold table; and, every time you win a pot with a cash drop added to it, you will receive leaderboard points based on the value of the cash drop. Leaderboard points are awarded at the rate of one point per $0.01; so, if you win a pot with a cash drop of a dollar added to it, you will receive one hundred leaderboard points.

The promotion starts on August 1st and the first “weekly” competition runs until midnight on Saturday August 10th. Thereafter, the Drop Race promotion runs from Sunday to Saturday until Saturday August 31st, with the winning players receiving their prizes on the first working day of the following week (i.e. might not be Monday if there is a national holiday during the promotion).

Plus $200,000 Up for Grabs for Omaha Players

Omaha Summer Special

GGPoker is making a real effort to attract Omaha players – particularly high stakes ones. Following on from its Omaha Festival in June, the site is running a month-long leaderboard competition throughout August in which players will receive points for each raked hand they play. As the table below demonstrates, the competition is heavily weighted in favour of high stakes players:

Blinds Points per Hand Blinds Points per Hand Blinds Points per Hand
$200/$400 7200 $10/$20 350 $0.50/$1.00 13
$100/$200 3500 $5/$10 170 $0.25/$0.50 6
$50/$100 1700 $2/$5 81 $0.10/$0.25 2.5
$25/$50 850 $1/$2 27 $0.05/$0.10 1

Because of the way in which the promotion favours players playing at nosebleed stakes, it is highly likely that the winner of the $15,000 first prize will be somebody for whom $15,000 doesn´t make much difference to their bankroll. However, the month-long leaderboard pays five hundred places deep; and, as the prize for finishing in 500th place is $100, it could still be worthwhile taking part in this promotion if you are a low stakes Omaha player.

Plus Up to $1,000 Bonus for Every New Player

If you are not yet playing at GGPoker, you will also be eligible for a 200% first deposit bonus up to $1,000 when you create an account using the GGPoker bonus code [bonuscode room=”ggpoker”][/bonuscode] during the registration process. You can clear the bonus playing at any NL Hold´em or Omaha table, so you will be able to take part in both the site´s August promotions and clear your bonus at the same time.

Full details of how to create an account can be found in our GGPoker review, along with a list of other new player benefits. Therefore, whether you prefer fast-fold games of NL Hold´em, or fancy taking on the high rollers at PL Omaha poker, visit GGPoker today for a potentially very rewarding summer of online poker action.