GGPoker Supports New Side Game with Cashback Promotion

GGPoker has launched a new side game – Cowboy Hold´em – and is encouraging players to give the game a try by offering time-limited cashback on losses.

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Cowboy Holdem

GGPoker has launched a new side game – Cowboy Hold´em – and is encouraging players to give the game a try by offering time-limited cashback on losses.

If you are a regular at GGPoker, you may have noticed a new fish icon appearing at the bottom left-hand side of the tables alongside the casino games icon. If you click on the new icon, you will be taken to a new side game called Cowboy Hold´em – a fun poker-themed betting game in which you can bet on the outcome of a heads-up match, the hole cards dealt to each player, or the winning hand.

Unfortunately, there is no skill involved like when you play exchange poker (in which you can bet on the winning hand after flop and turn), but the odds of return are pretty good. You might find this game of interest if you are trying out a betting system like Martingale or Fibonacci, especially while GGPoker is offering players cashback on losses (which hopefully you won´t need).

How to Play Cowboy Hold´em

The rules of Cowboy Hold´em are very simple. In the heads-up match, there is a cowboy and a bull. The two opponents play a hand of NL Texas Hold´em poker without any betting involved, so both hands always go to showdown. Prior to the start of each hand, players have the opportunity to bet on which player they think will win at odds of +102 (US) or if the hand will end in a draw at odds of +2100 (US).

You can also bet on the hole cards dealt to either player or what the winning hand will be. You don´t have to predict which player will be dealt which opening hand, or which player will have the winning hand. If your bet is correct due to either player being dealt your selected opening hand or winning with your selected winning hand, you win. The odds for each are as follow:

Odds for Hole Cards Odds for Winning Hand
Suited +130 High Card or One Pair +120
Connectors +230 Two Pair +210
Pair +750 3 of a Kind or Straight or Flush +370
Suited Connectors +1150 Full House +1,900
Pocket Aces +9900 4 of a Kind or Straight Flush +24,700

To help you make your selections, the site offers “tips” from the player with the longest winning streak, and the winningest player (the one with the highest number of winning bets). Don´t expect for a second for these “tips” to be based on anything other than luck because the random number generator used in this game works in the same way as the one used to play real money Hold´em at the cash game tables.

About the Cashback Offer

Every player who plays Cowboy Hold´em is automatically opted in to the cashback offer which consists of 10% of losses automatically paid into your account each Monday. There is a minimum cashback threshold of 1CNY (about $0.15) below which cashback will not be paid, but there are no other restrictions on how much cashback you will be entitled to or how you can use it.

In many respects, the cashback offer is a low value promotion that is intended to raise the profile of the Cowboy Hold´em game. It shouldn´t make that much difference to players´ bankrolls, and if it does, those players are obviously spending too much money on a game they are no good at. Nonetheless, the offer typifies the efforts GGPoker puts into giving players an enjoyable online poker experience.

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