GGPoker Running $200,000 Flush Rush Promotion in July

$200K Flush Run at GGPoker

If you enjoy playing GGPoker´s Rush & Cash games, there is an extra incentive to visit the fast-fold tables during July – a $200,000 Flush Rush promotion.

GGPoker´s Rush & Cash games are fast-fold poker with a difference. At the start of randomly selected hands, chips rain down onto the table in amounts equivalent of up to 500 Big Blinds. Smaller cash drops are added to the pot in order to create more action at the tables, while larger amounts are divided between the players dealt into the hand.

According to the site´s calculations, the amount players receive from cash drops equates to 65% rakeback in the long run. However, throughout July, there will be an extra incentive to visit the fast-fold tables – a $200,000 Flush Rush promotion which consists of daily and monthly leaderboard competitions, each with its own set of rules.

The Daily Flush Rush Leaderboard Competition

The daily Flush Rush leaderboard competition is a little convoluted inasmuch as leaderboard positions are determined by the ranking of the Flush (i.e. Ace-high Flush beats King-high Flush), the stakes being played for, and the time of day the qualifying flush was made. Only your highest ranking Flush counts each day; so, if you make a Queen-high Flush at 5:00pm, and a King-high Flush at 7:00pm, your leaderboard position will be determined by the King-high Flush.

The daily leaderboard competitions run from midnight to midnight UTC (same as GMT) and have two prize pools – one for low stakes games (antes of $0.02 and $0.20), and the other for high stakes games (antes of $1.00 and $2.00). In the unlikely event of two players making an identical qualifying Flush at the same time (a qualifying Flush is one in which both hole cards are used) the antes being played for will determine their respective leaderboard positions.

The daily low stakes leaderboard pays sixty places each day with prizes ranging from $1.00 to a top prize of $50.00 (Monday to Friday). The daily high stakes leaderboard only pays twenty-five places, but the prizes are much higher – ranging from $30 to $350 (Monday to Friday). At weekends, the daily prizes are doubled; so, if you hit a Royal Flush at 10:00am on Saturday morning playing at a Rush & Cash table with a $2.00 ante, you are pretty much assured of picking up the top daily prize of $700.

The Monthly Flush Rush Leaderboard Competition

The monthly Flush Rush competition is much simpler. Starting from midnight tonight, you will be awarded one point for each Flush you make before midnight on July 31st. Again the competition is divided into two leaderboards (one for low stakes games and one for low stakes games) and this time a multiplier is applied to Flushes made at tables with a $0.20 ante (x11) and tables with a $2.00 ante (x3). This will definitely help players playing at higher stakes within each competition level.

The prize money in each competition is particularly good. The top fifty low stakes players will share a prize pool of $10,675 with prizes ranging from $25 to a top prize of $2,000, while the top twenty high stakes players will share a prize pool of $52,700 – with the winner of the competition picking up a mighty generous $12,000. Even if you finish in twentieth place on the monthly high stakes leaderboard, you´ll still collect a healthy $500 for your efforts, so a promotion well worth taking part in.

The Likely Impact on Play at the Rush & Cash Tables

As a standalone promotion, you would expect the standard of play at the Rush & Cash tables to loosen up as players with any two suited cards chase Flush draws. However, GGPoker has recently wrapped up its Gold Hunt promotion in which points were awarded for seeing the flop, so it is unlikely this new promotion will have any impact on the standard of play and opportunities will continue to exist for tight aggressive players playing ABC poker.

A significant benefit for new players of limiting this promotion to the fast-fold Rush & Cash tables is that it will drive traffic to the Rush & Cash tables which will help players clear their first deposit bonuses a lot quicker. As you might already have read [geolink href=””]in our GGPoker review[/geolink], this poker site offers an excellent 100% match bonus on first deposits up to $1,000 and allows players plenty of time to clear it – by which time you could already be $12,000 richer by participating in the Flush Rush promotion at GGPoker.