GGPoker Rings in 2021 With $7 Million Promotions and Currency Updates

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GGPoker is offering players $7 million in bonuses and rewards throughout January – the most money the online poker operator has ever advertised to bettors in a single month. Following a successful year in 2020, GGPoker is running several promotions for active and new players.

The online poker operator has gone above and beyond previous promotion campaigns from 2020. GGPoker paid out $5 million to players in July and August and a further $6.2 million in December.

This January, GGPoker will pay out for the winners of leaderboard challenges on the website, which applies to all stakes for Hold’em and Omaha formats. The new Cash Game Dollar currency, which GGPoker introduced in late 2020, is also available for all players.

Leaderboard Rewards for Hold’em, Omaha, and Short Deck Cash Games

In January, leaders of four separate cash game leader boards can win a percentage of daily prizes worth up to $85,000. The rewards will apply to all regular Hold’em and Omaha tables, Hold’em and Omaha RU$H & CA$H tables, and the Short Deck (6+ Hold’em) formats.

The payout amounts range depending on the format. Daily bonuses of $40,000 can be won on RU$H & CA$H Cash Games, while $5,000 is available on Short Deck Hold’em Cash Games.

$2.1 in Instant rewards at All-in or Fold Players

Players of the All-in or Fold format on GGPoker can earn a sizeable increase on their winnings throughout January with $2.1 million on offer throughout the month. Once a player has played 100 hands on the All-in or Fold tables, they will receive a one buy-in reward in addition to a bingo jackpot if a competitor matches their if players match their All-In or Fold hole cards.

New Players Offered ‘Honeymoon Promotion’ Bonus

GGPoker is looking to draw new players to the platform through a new ‘Honeymoon promotion’ bonus. New players can earn $300 in rewards through Tournament Dollars and Cash Prizes. Furthermore, once players make their first deposit, they could also receive $100 in rewards or a matched bonus up to $600 by using the GGPoker welcome bonus.

New Cash Game Dollar Currency Available

Alongside exclusive offers in January, GGPoker now uses Cash Game Dollar currency for all leader board rewards. The new currency method is similar to the Tournament Dollars currency, already used on GGPoker, where players can increase their bankroll whilst playing. However, players still have the option to convert Cash Game Dollars instantly to US dollars.

Cash Game Dollar currency was introduced in the latest GGPoker update in November 2020 and can be used on several cash games on the website including, All-In or Fold, Rush & Cash, Hold’em, Omaha, and Short Deck.

Over the past 12 months, GGPoker has been at the forefront of innovating and developing quickly in the online poker market. The latest promotions throughout January may total the highest amount ever offered by the operator. But as it continues to grow and attract new customers in the online poker market, expect more big bonuses and payouts from GGPoker later in 2021.