GG Poker Running Eight Omahafest LeaderBoards in October

If you are a fan of Omaha cash games, you won´t want to miss the eight leaderboard competitions being run by GG Poker during October.

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Omahafest at GG Poker

If you are a fan of Omaha cash games, you won´t want to miss the eight leaderboard competitions being run by GG Poker during October.

GG Poker is running a very special promotion for Omaha players during October consisting of eight leaderboard competitions with more than $100,000 up for grabs in cash prizes. Each competition relates to a specific stakes level; so, if you play Omaha cash games across multiple stakes, there´s no reason why you can´t win multiple prizes.

The promotion starts on Tuesday (October 1st) and runs through to the end of the month. During the promotion, players participating in a raked hand (not necessarily contributing to the rake) will be awarded 1 point for each $0.01 deducted from the pot in rake. The points then accumulate on the leaderboard relevant to the stakes being played.

Different Prizes in Each Leaderboard Competition

The number of prizes in each leaderboard competition varies according to the stake level. Those playing at the highest level ($10.00/$20.00) will have the toughest battle to win one of the seven prizes up for grabs, but the effort for those who cash at this level will be worth it, because this is where the largest slice of prize money is distributed.

As you go down the stake levels, the number of cash prizes increases, but their value decreases. The table below shows the total amount of prize money available per stake level and the number of prizes that will be paid per stake level at the end of the month. We´ve also included a breakdown of prize values for the top ten places in each competition.

Stake $10/ $20 $5/ $10 $2.00/ $5.00 $1.00/ $2.00 $0.50/ $1.00 $0.25/ $0.50 $0.10/ $0.25 $0.05/ $0.10
Nº of Prizes 7 10 15 25 35 40 50 75
Total Value $25,500 $19,700 $18,900 $16,500 $10,700 $6,870 $3,430 $1,326
1 $7,500 $5,000 $3,500 $2,000 $1,000 $700 $300 $100
2 $5,000 $3,500 $2,600 $1,500 $800 $550 $250 $85
3 $4,000 $2,700 $2,100 $1,300 $700 $500 $220 $75
4 $3,000 $2,000 $1,700 $1,150 $650 $450 $200 $70
5 $2,500 $1,500 $1,400 $1,000 $600 $400 $180 $65
6 $2,000 $1,000 $1,200 $900 $560 $360 $170 $60
7 $1,500 $1,000 $1,000 $820 $520 $330 $160 $55
8 $1,000 $900 $750 $480 $300 $150 $50
9 $1,000 $800 $690 $445 $275 $140 $45
10 $1,000 $700 $630 $410 $250 $130 $40

Obviously, most of the top prizes will go to players with the time and money to support plenty of Omaha action. However, at stakes of $1.00/$2.00 and below, the payout table goes fairly deep and it should be possible to many recreational players with modest bankrolls to cash at more than one stake level. Each leaderboard will be updated in real-time and you can track your progress on the GG Poker website.

A Few Points to Watch Out For

Like most poker site promotions, it´s best to know what the rules are before you start playing, so here´s a quick breakdown of the terms and conditions for GG Poker´s October Omahafest promotion:

  • There is no need to opt into the promotion, but only your action at Omaha cash tables counts towards your leaderboard position (i.e. not All-In or Fold games, or tournaments).
  • Points are only awarded for hands in which a rake is deducted. GG Poker only deducts rake in cash games that see the flop; so no flop = no points.
  • There are no ties in GG Poker´s leaderboard competitions. If, for example, to players both finish the month with 6,000 points, the player who got their points fastest wins the tie.

Talking of points, don´t forget your action at the tables will contribute towards your status in GG Poker´s Fish Buffet rewards program and towards clearing your first deposit bonus. If you are not yet playing at the site, but enjoy a game of Omaha, be sure to read our GG Poker review to see how the site has become an industry leader for rewarding players who spend time at the tables. Enjoy the Omahafest!