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Get Up To 100% Cashback in 888 Poker´s Ultimate Offer

888 Poker is running an “ultimate cashback” offer in which players can get up to 100% of their rake, sports losses, and casino losses repaid the following day.

Cashback Spin at 888 Poker

888 Poker is running an “ultimate cashback” offer in which players can get up to 100% of their rake, sports losses, and casino losses repaid the following day.

888 Poker´s latest “ultimate cashback” offer is a nice spin-and-win type promotion in which players can win up to 100% of the rake they paid at the tables the previous day. For players who also like to bet on sports or play in the casino, the opportunity exists to recover net losses from the previous day – subject to minimum betting requirements and limits on how much you can win in the promotion.

The promotion itself is relatively simple to understand. Just log into your 888 Poker account each day and spin the Ultimate Cashback wheel. The wheel has five prizes relating to the percentage of cashback you will receive from your previous day´s action. Wherever the wheel stops, that´s the percentage you will receive – paid as cash into your account with no clearing requirements.

You Don´t Need to Lose Money to Benefit from the Promotion

If you only play online poker at 888, you don´t need to have had a losing session to be eligible for cashback. The site will add up the rake and tournament fees you paid the previous day and credit you with a percentage of the total whether you won or lost overall. For example, if you had a winning session, but paid $50 in rake, you will receive whatever percentage of $50 the wheel stops at.

However, because 888 likes to personalize offers, there are terms and conditions attached to the promotion. For example, you may have to pay at least $1 in rake to be eligible to spin the Ultimate Cashback wheel, or there might be limits applied to the maximum amount of cashback you can win (i.e. $100). Nonetheless, the promotion should benefit most poker players.

It Gets Complicated When You Add Sports and Casino Action

The reason it gets complicated when you add sports and casino action is because 888 will subtract net profits from whatever rake you have paid – meaning you could end up with winning 100% of nothing. This could happen if, for example, you paid $50 in rake during your poker session but won $60 betting on football or playing blackjack in the online casino.

Of course, if you have paid $50 in rake, lost $10 in sports bets, and lost $20 playing blackjack, this would make you eligible to win up to 100% of $80 instead of $50 – but watch out for maximum limits applied to how much you can win. If you paid $50 in rake, and lost $100 in sports bets and $200 playing blackjack, you might not be able to recover the full $350 even if you hit 100% cashback.

Important That You Log in Each Day after a Session

One important condition attached to this promotion is that you log in the day after a session at the tables, or after having a losing bet or casino session. The Ultimate Cashback promotion only pays out on rake and losses from the previous twenty-four hours. So, if you have a long session today, but don´t log into your 888 Poker account until next week, there will be no cashback to win.

Overall this is a pretty good promotion that should see most players win a few dollars every day – assuming most spins of the Ultimate Cashback wheel will land on the 5% prize. Even so, with around forty days until the end of the promotion, the likelihood is you could easily pick up more than $100 by spinning the Ultimate Cashback wheel every day, and that´s a pretty good reason to visit 888 Poker.

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