Get Ready to Triple Up for the Shark Week Event at BetOnline

Shark Week at BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker is hosting a $10,000 tournament on 4th August with a difference – players qualifying via $1 satellites will receive triple the starting stack.

BetOnline is really working hard to attract poker players with limited bankrolls who would like the opportunity to play in valuable tournaments. Following on from the announcement of the “Dollar Insanity” promotion (which takes place this Sunday evening), BetOnline has now released details of another promotion that gives players the chance to win a seat in a $10,000 tournament for a dollar.

The promotion takes place over two weeks from this coming Sunday. Between 8.00am and 11:00pm each day (all times ET), the site is running $1 buy-in satellites which guarantee ten seats for the target tournament. The incentive to play in these satellites is that players who win their seats via a satellite will start the Shark Week tournament with three times as many chips as players who directly buy-in.

There´s a further incentive to take part in the promotion for players who play at BetOnline Poker from mobile devices. During the two weeks prior to the Shark Week tournament, the site will be running freeroll tournaments accessible only from mobile devices which each award ten satellite seats. In theory, it is possible to qualify for the $10,000 guaranteed tournament for free by playing in a freeroll, winning a seat for a satellite, and then winning a seat in the satellite for the target event.

More about the Shark Week Tournament

The target event – the $10,000 guaranteed Shark Week tournament – takes place on Sunday 4th August at 2:00pm. The event has a direct buy-in of $22, for which players will receive a starting stack of 5,000 chips. However, players buying-in for $22 will be at a significant disadvantage against those who have qualified via a Shark Week satellite, because qualifiers start with a stack of 15,000 chips.

Blinds start at 15/30 (ante 4) and increase every ten minutes; and during the ninety minutes of late registration, players have the opportunity to re-enter up to twice if they are knocked out during the early stages. Please note that players who win a seat in a Shark Week satellite are automatically seated at the start of the tournament. If you unregister before the event starts, you will have to qualify again.

We can´t see many players buying-in directly during late registration or paying $22 to re-enter the tournament. This is because, even though blinds at the end of Level 9 are only 150/300 (ante 40), non-satellites qualifiers will still be at a disadvantage. Furthermore, there´s plenty of other tournaments at BetOnline Poker on Sunday afternoons with five-figure prize pools that players can buy into for $22.

Will You be a Shark in BetOnline Poker´s Fish Pool?

Because of the $1 buy-in satellites and the opportunity to win a seat for free, we predict there will be a wide range of skillsets on view in the Shark Week tournament. We also believe there will be a lot of players at the tables who will be unfamiliar with playing in a poker tournament which has a slow structure and in which the majority of players start deep stacked. It could go on for quite a long time.

Therefore, if you feel you have the necessary skills to take advantage of BetOnline Poker´s fish pool – or would like to prove yourself as a shark at the poker tables – be sure to play in the Shark Week qualifiers starting on Sunday at BetOnline Poker.

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