Full Tilt Offers “Boomerang” Promo From Oct. 19-26

Have you ever failed to cash in an online poker tournament and wish that you had another chance to land in the money?

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Full Tilt BoomerangHave you ever failed to cash in an online poker tournament and wish that you had another chance to land in the money?

If you’re an online poker tournament player, of course you have! [geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/full-tilt-poker”]Full Tilt[/geolink] wants to give you that second chance and has done so with their “Boomerang” promotion that begins on October 19 and runs through the 26th.

FTP is hosting ten Boomerang tournaments each day from Oct. 19-25 with guaranteed prize pools ranging from $500 to $5,000. Should you happen to enter any of the ten and not land in the money, you will receive a free entry to a Flip Freeroll tournament the very next day.

That Flip tournament will be held at the same time as the event entered the previous day and gives players an opportunity to “boomerang” their way back into the money. Simply self-register for the Flip Freeroll with the free ticket issued to your account after failing to cash in order to participate.

The Boomerang tournaments can be found by looking for the color blue in the tournament lobby. The buy-ins vary, so take your pick with the safety of knowing that you will get another chance if the cards don’t fall your way and you miss the prize money.

Here are the daily Boomerang tournaments from Oct. 19-25:

Time Tournament
03:30:00 $500 Guarantee
10:00:00 $2,000 Guarantee
12:00:00 $600 Guarantee
13:00:00 $4,000 Guarantee
14:00:00 $5,000 Guarantee
15:00:00 Tyrannosaurus Rex / The T-Rex
15:00:00 Triceratops / The Ceratops
15:00:00 Velociraptor / The Raptor
19:00:00 Five By Five
22:45:00 $500 Guarantee (Rush)

Your entry to any of the above daily Boomerang events – whether from a direct buy-in or satellite – guarantees a free Flip tournament ticket the following day if you fail to cash. That’s $3,000 worth of free tourney entries every day through the course of the promotion.

There is more good news for players who don’t finish in the money! Should you fail to cash in at least three Boomerang tournaments, a free entry will be issued to a $5K Boomerang Freeroll scheduled to be played at 13:00 ET on Sunday, October 25.

That’s a lot of opportunities to win money if you don’t make any prize money in the original Boomerang events scheduled at Full Tilt. What an assume chance to bounce back and make some cash!