FTP Re-Launch Could See More than $100 Million on the Tables

FTP Re-Launch Could See More than $100 Million on the TablesA poll of Full Tilt Players on the 2+2 forum has indicated than more than two-thirds will play poker rather than withdraw their funds when the site re-launches.

With more than $180 million in players´ accounts being available when Full Tilt Poker goes live – and signs that only a small percentage of that will be instantly withdrawn – there could be some serious action on the Full Tilt Poker site tomorrow. Indeed, the results of the poll on the 2+2 forum could err on the conservative side, as players from countries where Full Tilt Poker will not be accessible only have the option to withdraw funds by pairing their FTP accounts with an existing PokerStars account.

A number of players also indicated that they were going to take advantage of the Deal Me In promotion and then decide whether to stay at Full Tilt Poker or transfer their bankrolls to PokerStars, while almost 10 percent of those who responded to the poll said that they were new players who were going to deposit to take advantage of the 100% match bonus and the discounted tickets which will be available for the forthcoming FTOPS Series (December 2nd – 16th).

As the day counter on the Full Tilt web site ticked down to 01 Days to Launch, anticipation started to grow on all the poker forums, with the most commonly question being asked At what time will FTP go live According to the tournament timetable in the FTP lobby, Full Tilt Poker will go live for cash games at 8.00 ET (1.00pm GMT) on Tuesday and, for those who cannot wait to play on the FTP software, play money games are already available.

FTP Professional and the new face of Full Tilt Poker – Gus Hansen – tweeted at the weekend “48 hours till launch @fulltiltpoker. Looking forward to some highstakes action against @TomDwan and @RealIsildur1 and predicted that there would be a lot of nosebleed action on the go as soon as the site went live. I’ve always really liked the software and I’m really going to enjoy being back on Full Tilt said Gus in an interview revealing that he will be delighted to have his cute Gus avatar back again.

Despite all the preparation and hard work that has been put into the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker, an operation of this scale is not going to be free of glitches, and players are requested to email support@fulltiltpoker.com in the event of any issues and be prepared for a delay in a response. It is anticipated that there are going to be the trolls who fill up Customers Support´s time with queries such as “I used to live in Denmark and then I moved to the States and now I live in Monaco and I have forgotten my FTP log-in”. Well sorry Gus, but you are just going to have to wait!