FTOPS XXI Day 4 Features and Event 5, 6 and 7 Results

There are just two feature tournaments scheduled for today in FTOPS XXI, but the action is expected to be just as hectic as in the first three days.

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FTOPS XXI Day 4 and Event 5, 6 and 7 ResultsThere are just two feature tournaments scheduled for today in FTOPS XXI, but the action is expected to be just as hectic as in the first three days.

After three days of guarantee-busting, heart-stopping, luck-boxing action in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, there is almost the opportunity today to take a deep breath of air and smell the roses – almost!

Because of the regular “DoubleStack” tournament schedule which forms part of the Wednesday FTP tournament action (or maybe because Chelsea are playing in the Champions League), there is no late feature tournament tonight. However, there is still plenty of cash to play for.

The combined guarantees for today´s FTOPS tournament amount to $250,000 but, based on what we have witnessed so far this week, it is likely that players in today´s FTOPS feature tournaments will be playing for more than half a million dollars – or a fifth of what Chelsea play their players each week!

Today´s FTOPS Feature Tournaments

FTOPS #8 is a $216.00 buy-in SuperStack (5,000 starting chips) Rush Omaha Hi event, with six minute levels and a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. The tournament starts at 11.00am server time (4.00pm GMT) and late registration is available for the first hour until the end of level 10.

FTOPS #9 is a $109.00 buy-in 6-Max Re-buy/Add-On NL Hold´em tournament which starts at 14.00 server time (7.00pm GMT). The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 and welcomes late registrations or re-buys up until the end of Level 5 (I hour). Re-buys are allowed when a player´s chip stack dwindles below the 1,500 chips they are given to start with, and an add-on of 2,000 chips will be available during the first break.

Last Minute Satellites

Last minute satellites to today´s FTOPS feature tournaments are a bit thin on the ground. Early birds may wish to take advantage of the $55.00 satellite to FTOPS #8 – which guarantees 10 seats in the target event; however anybody looking for a bit of value for the re-buy tournament FTOPS #9 will have to try one of the 6-Max qualifying Sit n Gos.

Players climbing up the ladder in the FTP SnG Steps program may also use a Step 5 ticket to enter directly into FTOPS #8.


Day 3 of FTOPS Dominated by Russians

There must be something in the air around Moscow yesterday, as players from Russian and their near-neighbours Finland dominated Day 3 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

The rout started in FTOPS #5, in which Russian poker player “Miklerer” and Finland´s “TheKoalaBear” (a popular animal in Finland) fought out an eight-hour battle for victory in the Hold´em/Omaha (HA) mixed poker tournament.

The two players agreed a final table deal after seeing off the likes of Richard “Chufty” Ashby, Mickey Petersen, Chris Moorman and 490 other players – making FTOPS #5 first tournament in the series not to reach its $100,000 guarantee – albeit only by $1,000.

495 players entered the tournament, of which 54 got paid. Incredibly Jeremiah “Believer8219” Vinsant got into the money once again and maintains his lead at the top of the FTOPS XXI Leaderboard competition.

FTOPS #5 Name Prize
1 Miklerer $18,000
2 TheKoalabear $18,500
3 CocazeroPlz $10,500
4 ITrashYou $7,800
5 shakentucan $5,500
6 karfaton $3,600


We reckoned in yesterday´s FTOPS Highlights article that the H.O.R.S.E. event would be more popular than it had been anticipated – and we were right. 377 players competed in the $216.00 buy-in event – creating a prize pool of $75,400 – more than three times the advertised guarantee.

At the end of another 8-hour titanic tournament there was a Russian 1-2-3 as “mrcall912” saw off compatriots “knluiy” and “Manechka” to claim the $18,699 first prize, gold FTOPS Winner´s Jacket and a FTOPS gold avatar.

Forty places were paid in FTOPS #6, with each player who made the final table collecting a gold FTOPS jersey in addition to their cash prize.

FTOPS #6 Name Prize
1 mrcall912 $18,699
2 knluiy $12,516
3 Manechka $8,746
4 nilsef $5,428
5 tron34 $3,468
6 Alxbanana $2,488


The biggest prizes of the day went to those who survived two hours of mayhem in the super turbo knockout FTOPS #7. 1,391 players took part in the event, creating a prize pool of $361,660 – more than doubling the tournament´s guarantee – and 135 of those went to bed happy after cashing in the event.

Happiest of all was Finland´s “errr_rick”, who converted his starting chip stack of just 300 chips into 417,300 to collect the $79,565 first prize, gold FTOPS Winner´s Jacket, gold FTOPS final table jersey, FTOPS gold avatar and 200 points in the FTOPS XXI leaderboard competition.

Also reasonably satisfied with their day´s work would have been the handful of players who qualified for the event via a last minute satellite. We counted five players who turned a $55.00 satellite entry into a valuable cash – the best results being achieved by “kingson_777” and “diapersniper14” who both picked up $1,247.73 for finishing 19th and 27th respectively.

joaosimaobh” (winner of FTOPS #2) was another player who used the last minute satellites to qualify for FTOPS #7 – finishing in 112th position for $488.24 and the unlucky “bubble boy” on this occasion was Canada´s “STJEAN81” – who will be invited back for a special “bouncebackability” freeroll on December 22nd.

FTOPS #7 Name Prize
1 errr_rick $79,565
2 Tom1211HH $50,632
3 thelumeister $36,618
4 enterthewu19 $29,384
5 Andras Nemeth $22,169
6 Paul Merson $16,274
7 jochee $10,488
8 K-zouls $7,594
9 Kotik-Narkotiks $5,424

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