Freeroll into Sunday’s Million Dollar Encore at WPN

WPN is giving away nearly $9,000 every day in Steps tickets that set players on the path to qualifying for this Sunday’s Million Dollar Encore for free.

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Million Dollar Sundays

WPN is giving away nearly $9,000 every day in Steps tickets that set players on the path to qualifying for this Sunday’s Million Dollar Encore for free.

Having identified a gap in the U.S. market for high buy-in tournaments with valuable guaranteed prize pools, WPN (the Winning Poker Network) last month rebranded its Million Dollar Sunday event as the Million Dollar Encore. Although increasing the buy-in to $2,650, the Network also increased the number of opportunities available for players to satellite into its new flagship event.

The number of players participating in the first few Million Dollar Encore events has justified the Network´s decision to increase the buy-ins. Most have failed by only small margins to reach their $1,000,000 guarantees, and the smaller fields mean the tournaments are concluding much earlier – for which players that have to get up for work on Monday are very grateful!

The New Million Dollar Steps Program

To give more players the opportunity to qualify for the Million Dollar Encore “for pennies on the dollar”, WPN introduced a Steps program this week. Historically, Steps programs are notoriously slow to get off the ground – especially at higher entry levels – so the Network is making sure there will be an ongoing flow of players qualifying through the lower entry levels by starting the Steps program at freeroll level.

The freeroll tournaments run in two hour intervals around the clock at Black Chip Poker and Americas Cardroom. There are no entry qualifications (you don´t need to have made a real money deposit  or completed a mission) and an incredible 113 players out of each freeroll tournament will win Step 1 tickets – setting them on the path to qualifying for this Sunday´s Million Dollar Encore for free.

Thereafter, the first four Steps in the new program are “On Demand” tournaments. These tournaments start when a specified number of players have entered – similar to a Sit & Go games – but with late registration available for players who want to enter once the action has started. Each Step has a guaranteed number of entry tickets for the next one. For example:

  • Step 1 On Demand tournaments get underway when 100 players have registered, which shouldn´t be a problem considering 113 players are winning tickets every two hours. Step 1 tournaments can bought into directly for $6.61 and guarantee 60 seats for Step 2.
  • Step 2 tournaments need 79 players to register – 60 of which will have won their seats in the Step 1 tournament. These guarantee 30 seats for Step 3 and – for players who want to fast-track through the freeroll stage and Step 1 – you can buy directly into this Step for $16.51.
  • Step 3 tournaments have a direct buy-in of $55.01 and start when 42 players have entered – so only 12 players required on top of the 30 that have qualified out of Step 2. These On Demand tournaments guarantee a minimum of 18 seats into Step 4.
  • Step 4 tournaments require 32 players to register before starting, so it may be the case you have to wait for two Step 3 tournaments to finish before there are enough players available due to the high direct buy-in of $215.01. These guarantee 12 seats into the Final Step.

The Final Step is a scheduled tournament that takes place on Saturday evening at 6:30pm (ET). It is pretty much like a Mega-Satellite to the following day´s Million Dollar Encore inasmuch as it guarantees a minimum of 15 seats for the flagship event. However, by our estimation, there will be around $15,000 of overlay in the Final Step in addition to almost $9,000 per day given away in freeroll tickets.

Will You Go from Zero to Hero in the Million Dollar Encore?

The Million Dollar Encore tournament gets underway at 1:00pm (ET) on Sunday afternoon. Up to fifteen players will have won their seats for free in the Winning Poker Network´s new Million Dollar Steps program, but will one of them be you? Well, it could be is you create an account with [geolink href=””]Black Chip Poker[/geolink] or [geolink href=””]Americas Cardroom[/geolink] using the Winning Poker Network marketing code [bonuscode room=”americascardroom”][/bonuscode] on the first account registration page.

Good luck, and hopefully see you at the Final Table of the Winning Poker Network´s Million Dollar Encore this Sunday.