Free-to-Play Women’s Event Hosted by Poker Powher to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Poker Powher and World College Poker has decided to team up with to host a women’s poker event to celebrate Women’s History Month.

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Women’s History Month takes place in March and to celebrate in the poker world, Poker Powher has teamed up with World College Poker to host a special event. A free-to-play event will take place online via on March 27, 2021. The event is open to players who are 18 years of age or older and the top nine will compete for a title as well as several prizes that are up for grabs.

Special Event Details

The groups coming together for this special event are all connected to helping women. Poker Powher is a company led by women that teaches women how to develop and build skills by using the game of poker. World College Poker is a campus-based poker education and tournament operator that will be offering its services to help boost the women’s event.

Players taking part in the special tournament will be able to compete for prizes if they make the final table. is giving away a trip to Cancun while Jonathan Little of PokerCoaching is giving away poker lessons. Alex Fitzgerald is also giving away poker training.

To ramp up the event, Poker Powher has decided to highlight female poker pros Xuan Liu and Melanie Weisner. The two women will compete in the event as well as have bounties on their head. While playing they will also provide commentary on the action.

The event will be broadcast via YouTube so players can tune in and catch all the action if they don’t want to compete. Over the weekend, Poker Powher hosted a poker 101 webinar with World College Poker. The educational group used its YouTube channel to provide women interested in competing in the event, more details about how poker is played.

Poker Powher and World College Poker

Both groups provide quality insight into the game of poker. For Poker Powher, the group was just created in 2020. It was made to ‘flip the table’ on the male-dominated world of poker. Women of all ages are empowered by the group to be future leaders by developing certain skills through the game, such as risk assessment, strategy, discipline, etc.

Erin Lydon is the General Manager and Managing Director of Poker Powher who stated that the group is dedicated to helping women stack their skills by teaching and practicing the game of poker. The tournament will provide individuals with female poker pros and teachers who inspire women to play the game.

For World College Poker, the group provides free play tournaments for the college-age crowd. World College Poker and Poker Powher work together to help women learn more about the game and see more women take part in the game.

This is a wonderful initiative that will hopefully encourage more women to play the game and learn how to use the skills from poker and apply them to everyday life. Lessons are provided via Poker Powher for any women who are interested in learning more about the game. The program for lessons is offered via World College Poker’s website.