Fabrice Soulier Reverses Fortunes in EPT Vienna High Rollers

Fabrice Soulier put a disappointing sequence of live tournament results behind him when winning the record-breaking EPT Vienna High Rollers Event for €392,900.

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Fabrice Soulier Reverses Fortunes in EPT Vienna High RollersFabrice Soulier put a disappointing sequence of live tournament results behind him when winning the record-breaking EPT Vienna High Rollers Event for €392,900.

Fabrice Soulier has not enjoyed the greatest sequence of live poker results recently by his high standards – having amassed just three minor cashes on his Hendon Mob database since coming second to Adrian Mateos Diaz in the €1 million WSOPE Main Event last October. However, this weekend at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Soulier´s luck returned – enabling him to take down the PokerStars-sponsored EPT Vienna High Rollers Event.

181 players had ponied up the €10,300 buy-in for the event – the largest field ever assembled for an EPT High Rollers tournament – and created a prize pool of €1,773,800 which was shared between the top 27 players. By Saturday morning, only nine players remained, with Russia´s Dmitry Yurasov holding a narrow three big blind advantage over Germany´s Benny Spindler:

# EPT Vienna High Rollers Event Chips
1 Dmitry Yurasov 1,866,000
2 Benny Spindler 1,814,000
3 Anatoly Filatov 1,555,000
4 Vitaly Lunkin 1,174,000
5 Fabrice Soulier 1,075,000
6 Jonathan Duhamel 690,000
7 Oleh Okhotskyi 362,000
8 Rasmus Agerskov 278,000
9 Fady Kamar 238,000


Duhamel, Kamar and Spindler Bust in Quick Succession

With three players having less than 20 big blinds when the climax to the EPT Vienna High Rollers got underway, it was no surprise that there was a lot of early action. What was surprising was that it was Jonathan Duhamel who was the first to bust from the event – running his 9 9 into Dmitry Yurasov´s 10♣ 10 and seeing the 10 fall on the flop.

Fady Kamar was the next player to leave the final table – losing the last of his chips with A♣ J♠ in a three-way pot against Yurasov (A♠ K♠) and Vitaly Lunkin (Q Q♣) in which Lunkin made a King-high straight, and – incredibly – Kamar was quickly joined at the rail by Benny Spindler, who moved all-in with A♠ Q♣ and failed to improve past Vitaly Lunkin´s A♠ K♠.

More Surprises as Agerskov, Yurasov and Lunkin are Eliminated

Rasmus Agerskov had lead a charmed life at the final table – doubling up twice against Dmitry Yurasov – before trying once again with Q 10 and failing to connect with the board against the Russian’s A♣ 5♠. However, Yurasov’s enhanced chip stack was soon crippled by Fabrice Soulier 7 5 (turned straight) > Q 9♠, and Yurasov was the next player to depart the final table when his Q 10♠ missed its open-ended straight draw and was bested by Anatoly Filatov´s 6♠ 6.

Vitaly Lunkin´s departure came after he was crippled by Fabrice Soulier K 9 > K♣ Q – in a hand in which Soulier had flopped two pairs that had improved to a Full House on the River – and then doubled up K 5♠ > J 10♣ against Anatoly Filatov when flopping trip Fives. Filatov took his revenge in the next hand – calling Lunkin´s A 8 shove with A♠ 7♠ and flopping a pair of Sevens to send Lunkin to the rail in fourth place.

Filatov Busts Okhotskyi in Third – but Soulier Leads into Heads-Up

Oleh Okhotskyi was another player who had led a charmed life throughout the final table – always finding double-ups when his tournament life was at risk – but his luck could not hold out any longer, and he was bust in third place when his A♠ 5♠ failed to improve past Anatoly Filatov´s A 7. However, despite eliminating three players in a row, Anatoly Filatov was still at a 3.275 million chips -v- 5.775 million chips disadvantage against Fabrice Soulier when the heads-up got underway.

The two chip stacks drew level when Anatoly Filatov made a Full House with 7 6, but Fabrice Soulier once again moved into the chip lead when correctly calling a Filatov bluff K 7♣ > 8♣ 7 on a King-high board. Soulier continued to grind down Filatov and – reduced to his last million chips (about 16 big blinds) – called Soulier´s A♠ 5♠ shove with K♠ 10.

Although behind when the cards were turned on their backs, the flop of Q♠ 9♣ 2 gave Filatov additional outs to a gutshot straight; but he missed them all on the Turn (8) and River (7♠), and Fabrice Soulier had won the EPT Vienna High Rollers – his first live poker tournament victory since taking down a side event at the 2012 WSOPE.

# EPT Vienna High Rollers Event Prize
1 Fabrice Soulier €392,900
2 Anatoly Filatov €265,200
3 Oleh Okhotskyi €182,500
4 Vitaly Lunkin €148,800
5 Dmitry Yurasov €118,650
6 Rasmus Agerskov €91,150
7 Benny Spindler €66,350
8 Fady Kamar €48,050
9 Jonathan Duhamel €39,800