Everest Poker Invites You to Take on WINter Challenges

Everest Poker´s December mission-based promotion – “WINter Challenges”- gives players the opportunity to qualify for two €1,000 Shootouts every day.

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WINter Challenge at Everest PokerEverest Poker´s December mission-based promotion – “WINter Challenges”- gives players the opportunity to qualify for two €1,000 Shootouts every day.

Although Everest Poker´s mission-based promotions always seem to have a familiarity to them, it is noticeable the site tries to make each one different by tweaking their format. This month is no different as (compared to November´s promotion) the site has removed the option to choose between missions, but given players the opportunity to qualify for two €1,000 shootouts every day instead of one.

Mission-based-promotions such as the “WINter Challenges” promotion are not going to make you rich, but they can be worth taking part in if you are going to play the games featured in the promotion anyway. In a tight margin game such as online poker, every little boost to your bankroll is welcome, so opting into the promotion should be a no-brainer for players already playing at Everest Poker.

How You Can WIN in the “WINter Challenges”

The first thing you have to do in order to WIN in the “WINter Challenges” is opt into the promotion via the Everest Poker software. Once opted in, you will be presented with two missions to complete. These have to be completed in order (completion of the first mission unlocks the second mission) and, on completion of each, you will be awarded a ticket to an All-In Shootout with a €1,000 prize pool.

The missions are fairly straightforward, but vary between cash game missions, Twister missions and MTT missions every day. For example, the schedule of missions for the end of this week looks like this:

Day Mission #1 Mission #2 Mission Type
Thursday See Ten Flops Get Three of a Kind Cash
Friday Play 5 Twisters (min. buy-in €1.00) Win 1 Twister (min. buy-in €5.00) Twister
Saturday Play an MTT (min. buy-in €5.00) Play an MTT (min. buy-in €10.00) MTT
Sunday Win 1 Twister (min. buy-in €5.00) Play 2 Twisters (min. buy-in €5.00) Twister

As usual the cash missions can be played on any NL Hold´em, Speed Poker or 6+ Hold´em tables (heads-up excluded) with minimum blinds of €0.05/€0.10. You may want to put some thought into which games you play to complete certain missions. For example, it is far easier to get Three of a Kind on the 6+ Hold´em tables than it is on the regular NL Hold´em and Speed Poker tables.

When you have completed each mission, you will be automatically awarded a ticket for a €1,000 All-In Shootout. These take place at 4:00pm and 8:00pm each day (all times GMT) until Sunday 31st December and you have to register manually for each. However, you do not have to be logged into your Everest Poker account in order to play in the Shootouts, as you will be all-in every hand anyway.

Twister Missions also Score Points towards Twister Races

Over the month, the distribution of “WINter Challenges” slightly favours Twister missions. This is good news if you participate in Everest Poker´s “Twister Races” promotion. The “Twister Races” promotion is a weekly leaderboard competition in which players are awarded points for each game of Twister they play based on the game´s buy-in and their finishing position (double points if you win a game).

For some players, the “Twister Races” promotion are more lucrative than the “WINter Challenges” as each week the top 250 players on the Twister leaderboard share in €8,050 worth of cash prizes (the top cash prize is €1,000) and €4,450 worth of Twister tokens. If you are interested in your performance in this promotion, the points are updated every 2 hours and can be checked on the Everest Poker website.

All Missions Count towards the Rewards Program

Taking part in the “WINter Challenges” promotion should not affect the way you play or over-extend your bankroll, but it could help you clear the Everest Poker bonus or add to the Summit Points you receive in the site´s Rewards Scheme. In our [geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/everest-poker”]Everest Poker review[/geolink], we commented on how the Rewards Scheme can “make the difference between having a break-even day or working a profit” and, if you have never played at the site before, maybe the incentive of the “WINter Challenges” will encourage you to give Everest Poker a try.