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Everest Poker Hosting Texas Showdown Promotion in April

If you like taking your hands of Texas Hold´em poker to showdown at the cash tables, Everest Poker is where you should direct your action during April.

Texas Showdown at Everest PokerIf you like taking your hands of Texas Hold´em poker to showdown at the cash tables, Everest Poker is where you should direct your action during April.

Everest Poker is hosting another of its monthly-themed promotions during April – but this time with a difference. Whereas in past promotions, players have been rewarded for being dealt specific hole cards, during the €68,000 Texas Showdown promotion players have to take their hands to showdown before being rewarded with an entry to an All-In Shootout.

For players not that keen on the relatively risky strategy of taking a hand all the way to showdown, Everest Poker is providing the alternative options of playing (or winning) games of Twister, or qualifying for each daily All-In Shootout by entering MTTs above a certain value. The site is also hosting weekly Twister races throughout April with a further €20,000 in cash prizes and Twister tickets up for grabs.

How the Texas Showdown Promotion Works

Each day until April 30th, Everest Poker is hosting an All-In Shootout with €1,000 in cash prizes. In order to win a ticket for the Shootout, players have to take a hand containing certain pocket cards to showdown, play (or win) a selected number of Twister games, or enter a multitable tournament above a certain minimum value. The criteria for receiving a daily All-In Shootout ticket is as follows:

Day Cash Mission Twister Mission (min. buy-in) MTT Mission (min. buy-in)
Monday Showdown 88 or AJ Win 2 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Tuesday Showdown AA or QJ Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Wednesday Showdown KK or A8 Win 5 Twisters (min. €1.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Thursday Showdown QQ or AK Win 1 Twister (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Friday Showdown JJ or AQ Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Saturday Showdown QQ or AJ Win 2 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Sunday Showdown KK or QJ Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €10.00)


Please note that players have to opt-in to the promotion and have to select which mission they will attempt each day. Players can only win one ticket for each daily All-In Shootout, and although the ticket will be awarded automatically, players have to manually register for each Shootout. For the cash game missions, players can play at regular tables or at Speed Poker tables. The minimum stake limit is €0.05/€0.10 and no heads-up play counts towards the completion of each mission.

The daily All-In Shootouts take place at 7:00pm (GMT) each day, and registration is open 24 hours beforehand. Any player who competes in three daily All-In Shootouts will receive a ticket to a weekly Texas Showdown Shootout with €10,000 in cash prizes. These take place on Sundays (from April 9th) at 8:00pm GMT, and although you do not have to physically present to play in any of the Shootouts, it is necessary to register manually.

Weekly Mini Twister Races

Each week throughout April, Everest Poker will also be hosting Mini Twister Races. The races will pay out €1,800 in cash and €3,200 in Twister tickets each week to the players filling the top 250 places on a special leaderboard. Points on the leaderboard are awarded for playing in a Twister game with a buy-in of €5.00 (5 points) or €10.00 (10 points). If you win the game, the points are doubled.

The leaderboards run from Monday to Sunday each week until the 30th April and are updated every two hours. If you like playing Twister, and you have the bankroll to support playing at €10.00 a game, the top prizes are well worth winning. The first placed player each week receives a cash prize of €500, while second and third places pay €350 in cash and €200 in cash respectively.

The Best Welcome Package Around

Everest Poker describes its new player benefits as the “best welcome package around”. It consists of a 200% match bonus of first deposits up to €1,500 (deposit €750 to receive the maximum bonus), €10.00 in free poker money to try out the games before investing any of your own (only available once you have made a qualifying deposit), a tournament entry ticket for a €1,000 “Series” event, and 20 Reward Points to kick start the Everest Poker loyalty program.

One of the best things about the Everest Poker Welcome Package is the way that the first deposit bonus is cleared. Clearance rates for the first €5.00 are equivalent to 100% rakeback, with the next €15.00 of bonus increments equivalent to 50% rakeback. Therefore, if you are the kind of player who likes taking your hands of Texas Hold´em poker to showdown at the cash tables, you will likely find all the action you crave this month at [geolink href=””]Everest Poker[/geolink].