EPT Berlin Pays for Pidun´s Vacation

Daniel-Gai Pidun took a week´s vacation to play the EPT Berlin and returned home with his holiday paid for courtesy of victory in the EPT Berlin Main Event.

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EPT Berlin Pays for Pidun´s VacationDaniel-Gai Pidun took a week´s vacation to play the EPT Berlin and returned home with his holiday paid for courtesy of victory in the EPT Berlin Main Event.  

Pidun´s win capped a three-year run of success in the EPT Berlin Main Event for the self proclaimed amateur poker player – following last year´s 17th place finish and 9th place cash in 2011 – and it came after a very usual day´s poker at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin.

Pidun started the final table second in chips, courtesy of a massive double-up against Roman Herold during nine-handed play (Q♠ J♠ > J 4 on a J-high board), and behind the vastly more experienced Robert Haigh – against whom he would ultimately play the EPT Berlin Main Event heads-up.

# EPT Berlin Main Event Chips
1 Robert Haigh 5,495,000
2 Daniel-Gai Pidun 5,250,000
3 Lasse Frost 3,700,000
4 Alexander Helbig 3,315,000
5 Roman Herold 3,050,000
6 Roman Korenev 2,995,000
7 Pascal Vos 1,750,000
8 Julian Thomas 1,735,000


Little Stacks mean Big Action

Despite players having chip stacks in the millions, the length of the penultimate day´s action – in which it had taken six hours to reduce the field from 9 players to the eight-handed final table – had resulted in much higher blinds for a final table than usual. When play resumed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the blinds were 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante.

Julian Thomas moved all-in on the first and third hands of the day to pick up valuable blinds and antes, before Pascal Vos moved all-in on the fourth and was able to double up against Roman Korenev (J J♠ > A♠ Q♠). Korenev himself then got an un-called shove through before being eliminated within the first hour of play when he moved all-in from the small blind with J♣ J and was called by Alexander Helbig (4 4♠). The board produced four spades to give Helbig a flush, and Korenev was eliminated in eighth.

Thomas and Herold Bust as Vos Survives

Roman Herold looked as though he was to be the next player to depart, after folding in two big pots to chip up Julian Thomas to beyond 3 million chips and promote Daniel-Gai Pidun into the chip lead, but it was to be Thomas who was next to leave the game in a three-handed pot which saw Herold (K♠ K) triple up and Thomas (A♠ 5) busted in the side pot by Robert Haigh (A Q).

Despite Roman Herold´s much improved stack, his participation in the EPT Berlin Main Event was not to last much longer. Pascal Vos managed a valuable double-up against Robert Haigh (A♣ K♠ > A 2) before crippling Herold 9♣ 9 > A♣ K. Reduced to 790,000 chips and with blinds now at 100K/200K (ante 30K), Herold had to act – but chose the wrong time to do so when shoving the last of his chips into the middle with A J and missing all of his outs against the 3♣ 3♠ of Alexander Helbig.

Pidun Piles on the Pressure

The theme of “bust out a player, get bust yourself” continued when Alexander Helbig ran his 5♣ 5 into the 8 8♠ of Pidun to end his tournament in fifth place, and thereafter the final table was all about Daniel-Gai Pidun. The German twice took massive pots from Robert Haigh (J K > Q♣ 8 and then when his A♠ K hit trip Kings in a 4.5 million chip pot) before eliminating Pascal Vos in fourth (A Q♠ > A 7♠) to have 75% of the chips in play as the tournament went three-handed.

The elimination of Lasse Frost in third also saw Robert Haigh lose half of his remaining chips. Frost had moved all-in from the small blind and was called by both Daniel-Gai Pidun Robert Haigh. Following the flop of 5♠ 8 K♣ and turn of 3♣ Pidun called Haigh´s bets of 400,000 and 1,050,000 respectively but, after the 3♣ turn, Pidun became the aggressor and put Haigh all-in. Haigh folded and Pidun turned over A♣ 7♣ for the nut flush. Frost revealed 10 9 and was sent to the rail in third.

Heads-Up Lasts Three Hands

Daniel-Gai Pidun took a 9:1 chip advantage into the heads-up (24.325 million -v- 2.910 million) and despite Robert Haigh managing one double-up in the second hand of the EPT Berlin Main Event climax (A 4♠ > K♣ 8), the tournament was all over in the third.

Pidun moved all-in from the button with 9♠ 8♠ and was snap-called by Robert Haigh who was holding A♠ K. Pidun paired his 8♠ on the flop of 8♣ 3 7♣ and although Robert Haigh still had options for a better pair, missed them both on the turn of 3 and river of J♣.

# EPT Berlin Main Event – Result Prize
1 Daniel-Gai Pidun €880,000
2 Robert Haigh €531,000
3 Lasse Frost €325,000
4 Pascal Vos €255,000
5 Alexander Helbig €202,200
6 Roman Herold €155,000
7 Julian Thomas €110,000
8 Roman Korenev €77,000