DragTheBar.com Announce Four New Coaches

DragTheBar, an online poker training site, have announced that they have signed four new coaches to their brand. The players who have signed to be instrcutors at Drag The Bar are: Adam ‘Squee451’ Sherman, Nathan ‘Blackrain79’…

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DragTheBar.comDragTheBar, an online poker training site, have announced that they have signed four new coaches to their brand, helping to increase the tutorials available to members of the site cross the real money and poker tournament sectors.

The site have revealed that they have successfully been able to agree terms with Adam ‘Squee451’ Sherman, Nathan ‘Blackrain79’ Williams, Cody Kaiser and finally James Romero.

The addition of the coaches means that the site can not only increase their learning opportunities for members but also that they are getting training from seasoned names who have years of experience between them and countless successes within the online poker industry.

Lets have a closer look at the new coaches and their credentials:

Adam ‘Squee451’ Sherman currently carries the title of being the 6th best online poker player in the world according to PocketFives.com.

With that accolade behind him, it is no surprise that Sherman is well on his way towards making a million dollars this year from his poker action and with such impressive stats, members will be queuing up to get a look into how he is able to make such a success of his time at the online tables.

Sherman’s subject area within the site will be Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) and with a proven track record in that very area, you can only anticipate that the training will improve the poker tournament play of those who are able to grasp even a small amount of the information that will be given.

Nathan ‘Blackrain79’ Williams is better know within the micro stakes tables of the online poker world and has so far managed to play more than one million hands and with a success rate like the one that he possesses you can see why he was approached by the training site.

Many new online poker players tend to head for the higher stake tables due to being drawn to the chance to be able to make good money, quickly but Williams is living proof that if you hit the micro tables as hard as he does, you can make a substantial amount too.

The DragTheBar.com CEO Hunter Bick stated that there was no other player who would be more qualified to teach others about the micro stakes aspect of the game, saying that his experience within the area will be vital to those members who prefer to play poker at micro stakes.

Cody Kaiser and James Romero have been brought into the site to cover the sit and go tournaments section of the training site as with many years of experience and winning of both standard and multi table sit and go tournaments, their strategy will be definitely paramount to a high volume of the members on the site.

DragTheBar.com fast becoming one of the best online poker training sites on the internet and with captures like these four, ready and willing to offer you hints and strategy tips in order to improve your game, you shouldn’t waste any time before you sign up.

Another great feature about the site is that although it is predominately based around teaching poker, there are backgammon training videos available too which are taught by Bill Robertie, the current world backgammon champion.