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Don´t Miss the 100 Event Micro Series at BetOnline Poker

From June 17th to June 30th, BetOnline Poker is hosting a micro series of one hundred tournaments with big guaranteed prize pools for micro buy-ins.

BetOnline Micro Tournament Series

From June 17th to June 30th, BetOnline Poker is hosting a micro series of one hundred tournaments with big guaranteed prize pools for micro buy-ins.

Hot on the heels of last month´s Turbo 500 mini-series, BetOnline Poker has announced a micro series from June 17th to June 30th. However, the only “micro” aspect of the series is the buy-ins, as the schedule consists of one hundred tournaments with big guaranteed prize pools in a rich variety of formats and disciplines. This is certainly a series with something for everyone!

Not only is the series designed to appeal to players with micro bankrolls, the events have been scheduled for when the biggest number of players can get involved. From Monday to Friday, there are five tournaments scheduled each day at hourly intervals starting at 6:00pm (all times ET) – so no late finishes if you have to get up for work the following day. On Saturdays, the action starts at 12:00 noon, while the two Sundays each feature fifteen tournaments per day starting at 9:00am.

The rich variety of formats and disciplines includes NL Hold´em, FL Hold´em, NL Omaha, PL Omaha, and 6+ Poker, played at regular, turbo, and hyper speeds. There are also several fast-fold Boost tournaments, progressive knockout tournaments and time-limited tournaments in which every surviving player will cash when time is up according to the size of their chip stack. Watch out too for the progressive knockout heads-up events, which will be very lucrative for the winners.

Highlights of the Micro Series

The two big events of the Micro Series take place on Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 30th June. The first is an $11.00 buy-in 6-Max re-entry tournament starting at 6:00pm with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool, while the second is a $22.00 buy-in 9-Max re-entry tournaments starting at 4:00pm with a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool. Both of these events are “regular” tournaments inasmuch as they have 10-minute blinds, and both are sandwiched between some interesting events worth playing in due to their prize money to buy-in ratios:

Date/Time Buy-In Event Guarantee
Mon 17th June 10:00pm $3.30 PL Omaha PKO 6-Max $300
Tue 18th June 6:00pm $1.10 NL Hold´em Hyper Shootout $250
Thur 20th June 6:00pm $3.30 6+ Poker 6-Max $750
Sun 23rd June 10:00am $5.50 NL Omaha Boost Heads-Up $1,250
Tues 25th June 10:00pm $1.10 NL Hold´em Multi-Entry 6-Max $250
Wed 26th June 9:00pm $1.10 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Hyper $400
Fri 28th June 7:00pm $3.30 NL Hold´em Deepstack $1,200
Sat 29th June 1:00pm $0.55 FL Hold´em 6-Max $125

Fans of novelty tournaments will not be hard pressed to find something they like in the Micro Series schedule. Below we´ve listed a small selection that caught our eyes, and it may be a good idea for players to [isGeoAllowed room=”betonlinepoker”]visit the BetOnline website[/isGeoAllowed][/isNotGeoAllowed room=”betonlinepoker”]visit the BetOnline website[/isNotGeoAllowed] ahead of the start of the series to work out which tournaments they would most like to play in – if not all of them! Please note these tournaments are not yet listed in the BetOnline client. We expect them to appear later this week.

Will You Score Big in BetOnline Poker´s Micro Series?

BetOnline Poker´s Micro Series starts next Monday June 17th; and, if you are not yet playing at the site, the opportunity exists to take advantage of a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000. Please note that the process for claiming your first deposit bonus at BetOnline Poker is a little different from other online poker sites, so we have provided a step-by-step guide in our BetOnline review. Don´t miss this chance to score big in BetOnline Poker´s Micro Series.

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