Day 14 of WCOOP 2020: Niklas Astedt Wins Second Title, Leknes Lands Fifth

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The fourteenth day of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) wrapped up at PokerStars, and Niklas Astedt was the one to receive the biggest prize.

The Swedish player has a great time at WCOOP and showed that in WCOOP-39-H: $5,200 NLHE (Progressive KO, High Roller). He managed to beat a field that consisted of some adamant players and lands his second title.

Niklas Astedt, who uses the online nickname “Lena900,” is considered one of the best online multi-table tournament players in the world at the moment. He managed to win more than $20 million just by playing online poker. By topping WCOOP-39-H, he won a total of $201,055, including $99,805 earned in bounties.

This is one of his biggest wins on PokerStars, next to $230,435 that he won in Stadium Series. His final opponent was a Russian player Gleb Tremzin, who managed to win much less than Astedt – a total of $101,250. That’s because the two players both shared the same base prize, but the Russian managed to score only $19,648 in bounties.

Many other familiar faces were in the final table, including Ognyan Dimov, Manuel Ruivo, and Christian Rudolph.

The Final Table Action

The first player to hit the rail was Ognyan “cocojamb0” Dimov from Bulgaria, who won a total of $28,346. He earned $14,219 in bounties and $14,127 as the prize for being ninth in the event.

Dimov was followed by “Garrin4e” who only managed to score $2,500 in bounties and the prize of $18,349, which is $20,849 in total.

Portugal’s Manuel “fellatiado” Ruivo earned a total of $44,380, with $20,547 being for bounties. He was followed by a player from the UK who uses the online moniker “Pwndidi” and who won $41,267 in total, with $10,313 from bounties.

The fifth place was reserved for a Mongolian player called “bayaraa1002” for $49,579, although their bounty prize was only $9,375.

Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph ended up fourth, winning $67,843 in total, and Poland’s “wesoly78” hit the rail after that for $86,103, leaving Gleb Tremzin and Niklas Astedt to duel for the final prize.

Other Events at WCOOP 2020 Day 14

Astedt was not the only player to win a title on Saturday. In fact, eight more players were crowned that day.

WCOOP-39-L: $55 NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE) also ended on Saturday, having recorded a total of 13,827 entries and the prize pool of $691,350. In the end, it was “jokkers_br” from Brazil who won the main prize of $36,667 + $17,936 in bounties.

WCOOP-39-M: $530 NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE) attracted 2,327 entries who created the prize pool of $1,163,500. Ukraine’s “varabey1991” won $73,414 + $34,009 in bounties.

WCOOP-43-L: $5.50 NLH/PLO (6-Max) saw a total of 5,379 entries creating $26,357 prize pool, and “Eiso3” from Austria won it for $3,198.

WCOOP-43-M: $55 NLHE/PLO (6-Max) was won by “SKB1908” from Norway, who managed to win $12,064 out of the $79,350 prize pool.

WCOOP-43-H: $530 NLHE/PLO (6-Max) had the prize pool of $149,000 created by 298 entries. Christopher Frank from Norway took it down for his second WCOOP title.

WCOOP-45-L: $11 FL Badugi (6-Max) saw a total of 1,321 players apply for $12,946 prize pool, and Tobias Leknes from Austria won it for $2,015. This was his fifth WCOOP title.

WCOOP-45-M: $109 FL Badugi (6-Max) attracted 315 entries who created a $31,500 prize pool. Japanese “mixjuice” won it for $5,911.

Finally, WCOOP-45-H: $1,050 FL Badugi (6-Max) saw 65 entries, and the prize pool of $65,000. Talal Shakerchi won it for $22,850.