Daniel Smith is King of Unibet Open in Cannes

Monaco-based Daniel Smith overcame a huge 4-to-1 heads-up deficit against Michael Nielsen to take down the Unibet Open Cannes Main Event with pocket Kings.

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Daniel Smith is King of Unibet Open in CannesMonaco-based Daniel Smith overcame a huge 4-to-1 heads-up deficit against Michael Nielsen to take down the Unibet Open Cannes Main Event with pocket Kings.

There was another massive turnout for a Unibet Open Main Event when 457 players travelled to Cannes in the South of France this past weekend and ponied up the €1,100 buy-in to play in the Main Event at the Casino Barriere Le Croisette.

After two opening flights, the 54-player bubble burst deep into Day 2 – when Arkadiusz Olszowy ran his A♠ 10 into Mark Taylor´s A K♣ – after which a rash of eliminations left just seventeen players to contest the €88,000 first prize.

The final table was set after two hours of fast-paced action; with Michael Nielsen having a substantial chip advantage over French poker superstar Alain Roy and a closely matched group of players in behind:

# Unibet Open Cannes Chips
1 Michael Nielsen 4,620,000
2 Alain Roy 1,740,000
3 Giuseppe Zarbo 1,300,000
4 Daniel Smith 1,150,000
5 Krzysztof Stuchlik 1,100,000
6 Nicolas Le Floch 1,050,000
7 Daniel Johansson 1,020,000
8 Davor Pavic 950,000
9 Vinod Jadav 750,000


Zarbo and Johansson First to Depart

When the final table of the Unibet Open Cannes got underway, the players were just a few hands into Level 23 (blinds 20,000/40,000 – ante 4,000). The early action saw a few chips passed around without any major incidents, and the first casualty was Giuseppe Zarbo – who had the misfortune to shove pre-flop with A♣ K♠ and get called by Nicolas Le Floch (A♠ A). Le Floch only just had Zarbo covered, and the Italian was eliminated in ninth place.

Le Floch was not so fortunate the next time he called a shove – this time his J♠ J coming second to Daniel Smith´s A K♠ (Smith rivered trip Kings after pairing his King on the flop), but it was Daniel Johansson who was next to leave the Unibet Open Cannes final table after moving all-in with A♣ Q♣ and failing to connect with the board against Michael Nielsen´s 6♠ 6♣.

Jadav and Le Floch Next to Bust

The next two departures happened either side of the blinds increasing to 30,000/60,000 (ante 5,000). Vinod Javad believed he had found a good spot to move all-in with A 10, and was ahead of Michael Nielsen´s K Q♣, before a King appeared on the flop to send Javad to the rail in seventh place.

Nicolas Le Floch´s elimination was also a little unfortunate – moving all-in with J♣ 9♣ on the board of 8 7 7 / J♠ for top pair and a gutshot straight draw and crashing into Alain Roy´s J J for a Turned Full House. However, any attempt that Alain Roy was making to close in on the chip leader was derailed when Krzysztof Stuchlik rivered a straight flush to reduce Roy to 1.5 million chips.

# Unibet Open Cannes Chips
1 Michael Nielsen 6,145,000
2 Daniel Smith 2,555,000
3 Krzysztof Stuchlik 2,085,000
4 Alain Roy 1,500,000
5 Davor Pavic 1,395,000


Nielsen Takes Some Hits, but Bounces Back to Lead Heads-Up

There was an incredible sequence of double ups as the game approached Level 27 (blinds now 50,000/100,000 – ante 10,000). Davor Pavic switched places with Krzysztof Stuchlik after rivering an Ace-high flush, before Stuchlik rivered trip Sixes to double up against Michael Nielsen 6 6 > A♠ Q. Pavic then rivered a Full House to double up again against Nielsen A♠ J♣ > A K before Alain Roy also took advantage of Nielsen´s generosity – doubling up with K K♣ > A 10♣ to take the chip lead.

Davor Pavic fantastic run of good fortune continued when he eliminated Krzysztof Stuchlik A♠ 2♣ > Q♣ Q♠ following the flop of 5 3 4; and Pavic temporarily took the chip lead. However, it was not to last for long – as Michael Nielsen doubled back into the lead against Alain Roy 10 10 > Q 3, before again finding pocket Tens to bust Davor Pavic 10♠ 10♣ > Q♠ 3♣ and then eliminating the short-stacked Alain Roy K♠ Q > Q♠ 9♠ to take a 11.2 million -v- 2.48 million chip lead going into the heads-up against Daniel Smith.

Smith Fights Back to be the King of Unibet Open in Cannes

Daniel Smith doubled up almost immediately the heads-up began (A♠ 9 > K♣ J♣) and then took control of the Unibet Open Cannes with some aggressive pre- and post-flop betting. Half an hour into the climax of the Unibet Open Cannes, Smith had developed an 8,810,000 -v- 4,850,000 chip advantage over Michael Nielsen, and the final hand was just around the corner.

As usual, Daniel Smith was the pre-flop aggressor – raising to 320,000 chips from the small blind. Michael Nielsen raised to 945,000 chips, to which Smith responded by four-betting to 2.2 million chips. Nielsen had one more look at his cards and announced he was all-in. Daniel Smith did not hesitate to snap-call and the cards were on their backs:

Daniel Smith: K K♠

Michael Nielsen: K Q♣

The board of A 6 7/ 4♣ / 5 did not even give Daniel Smith a sweat, and his pocket Kings had helped him to win the Unibet Open in Cannes for €88,000 after overcoming a massive heads-up deficit.

# Unibet Open Cannes Result
1 Daniel Smith € 88,000
2 Michael Nielsen € 62,000
3 Alain Roy € 40,000
4 Davor Pavic € 30,000
5 Krzysztof Stuchlik € 22,000
6 Nicolas Le Floch € 18,270
7 Vinod Jadav € 14,600
8 Daniel Johansson € 11,200
9 Giuseppe Zarbo € 8,800