Daniel Negreanu Cashes in 15 Tourneys at WCOOP 2011

Daniel NegreanuDaniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, one of the most well-known poker pros in the history of poker, finished in-the-money in 15 separate events at this year’s PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, pocketing a total of $119,193.

The Team PokerStars pro, who, admittedly, has not fared well in online tournaments throughout his prolific career, entered 52 of the scheduled 62 tournaments, establishing a 28.8% cashing rate.

If I’m being completely honest, my online tournament results have never been very good, and the main reason for that is that I just never really cared too much,” Negreanu said. “But since the WCOOP has become such a prestigious event, I wanted to do the best I could, which meant preparation.

Negreanu said that he prepared by having a statistics program in place on his computer and by taking copious notes on opposing poker players. His 15 cashes put him in 2nd place overall in total cashes for this year’s championship. Amazingly, Negreanu participated in the tournament from four different locations due to his heavy travel schedule.

I ended up playing WCOOP’s in four different countries in just a three week span,” the Canadian pro continued. “I started my WCOOP in Barcelona, then off to Montenegro, Budapest, and finally, locked myself up in a hotel room in London for the stretch run.”  As we know Daniel can be a bit difficult when it comes to hotels sometimes, and it was not just one hotel in London. Read more about Negreanu’s hotel fetish in London here.

Of the 97 pros in Team PokerStars, 92 participated in the WCOOP. The Team entered 1,580 events, coming in-the-money 248 times, achieving a cash rate of 15.7%. Negreanu’s successful series cash rate was nearly double that of his colleagues.

Following is a list of Negreanu’s results of his profitable finishes in WCOOP 2011.

WCOOP-03 $215 NL: 768th for $485

WCOOP-06 $215+R NL: 107th for $1,861

WCOOP-08 $215 Triple Stud: 72nd for $336

WCOOP-11 $320 NL: 89th for $836

WCOOP-14 $265 NL: 362nd for $378

WCOOP-25 $215 PLO: 62nd for $1,128

WCOOP-30 $530 NL: 95th for $1,242

WCOOP-41 $10,300 NL: 4th for $48,000

WCOOP-44 $320 NL: 17th for $3,449

WCOOP-50 $215 NL: 23rd for $1,570

WCOOP-51 $320 PLO H/L: 21st for $1,252

WCOOP-52 $320 NL: 104th for $877

WCOOP-53 $530+R NL: 34th for $4,313

WCOOP-60 $215 NL: 183rd for $966

WCOOP-61 $10,300 8-Game: 5th for $52,500