Dangerous Dave Allan Defies Disaster to Lead Snowfest IV

Australian Dave Allan made a remarkable call to take the lead at Day 1A of the PokerStars sponsored APPT Snowfest.

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Dave AllanAustralian Dave Allan made a remarkable call to take the lead at Day 1A of the PokerStars sponsored APPT Snowfest.

The PokerStars sponsored Asia Pacific Poker Tour got off to a record-breaking start at the SkyCity Casino in Queenstown yesterday with the largest ever Day 1A field in the APPT Snowfest´s four-year history. 51 players ponied up the NZ$3,000 (c.€2,000/$2,350) or qualified through the online sponsor for the Main Event, which not only marks the beginning of APPT Series 6, but also forms part of the New Zealand Poker Tour (NZPT) and Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) – effectively making the victor a “Triple Crown” winner in just one event!

Despite a strong “home” contingent including Cole Swannack, Richard Lancaster and Jackson Zheng, Kiwis were outnumbered by 3 to 2 when play started – and it did not take long for the Australians to take control – concluding the day with an Aussie 1-2-3. Heading that trinity was David “dave798111” Allan – who is better known for his online exploits and almost $2million in cashes on PokerStars. Allan acquired his position courtesy of a miracle call towards the close of play which said afterwards he “Just had a feel for”.

On a flop which showed 10 7 3, Allan (A♠ 5) bet 1,200 chips. He was called by Richard Lancaster (A Q). The turn card 4♣ prompted a further bet of 3,350 from Allan, which Lancaster raised to 7,500 and Allan called. Allan checked the 5♠ river, but Richard Lancaster tossed 9,500 chips into the pot. Without flinching, Allan called and turned over his rivered pair of Fives to defeat Lancaster´s Ace High before an astonished table.

Whether that was the most amazing outcome of a hand on this absorbing Day 1a of the APPT Snowfest is open to debate, as earlier in the day Michael Kanaan had five-bet shoved his K J♠ into the A♣ K♣ of Laurynas Levinskas and saw the board run out K♠ 7 10♣ / J / 7♠ for a turned two pair. Kanaan (10♣ 5♣) took a further slice of Levinskas´ chips just before the close of play when rivering a straight against the Lithuanian´s top pair (A K♣) but, when it came to the end of day chip counts, the two were closely matched in third and fourth behind Allan and David Wonson – the only player during the course of the day´s play to top 100,000 chips before doubling up local boys Richard Lancaster and Fergus Spary.

Chip Counts from Day 1A of the APPT Snowfest

1 Dave Allan 98,200
2 David Wonson 92,575
3 Michael Kanaan 88,350
4 Laurynas Levinskas 84,625
5 Antonin Duda 79,450
6 Fergus Spary 67,250
7 Greg Familton 51,325
8 Bobby Zhang 47,700
9 Cole Swannack 37,950
10 Richard Lancaster 35,700

27 players survived Day 1A and get a rest day while the fully subscribed Day 1B gets under way today. Make sure you keep up to date with the APPT Snowfest by following Poker News Report every day!