Cordeiro Seeks $250,000 From Postle Via Lawsuit

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The Mike Postle saga is still very active in the poker world, even though many thought that poker players would lose their focus to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, another person filed a lawsuit against Postle, seeking $250,000 in punitive damages, in addition to other relief. This person is Marle Cordeiro, and she has requested a trial by jury in the Complaint and Demand for Trial by Jury.

Pretty much like everybody who is against Postle, Cordeiro is represented by the popular gaming attorney Maurice “Mac” VerStandig. Apart from that, VerStandig is also leading a high-profile lawsuit against Postle and Stone’s Gambling Hall — the venue where Postle’s alleged cheating took place.

VerStandig stated that Postle’s actions offended the “honor and decency that have long guided the poker world.” In addition to that, he said that he looked forward to pursuing the case of Marle Cordeiro and that he had “faith in the judicial system.”

Cordeiro is a popular poker vlogger, who also co-hosts a popular podcast called The Rake Poker Podcast. She was invited to take part in a $10/$25/$50 no-limit hold’em cash game in the Stones Live Poker in 2019. It just so happened that Postle was at the same table as she during the live-streamed session.

What’s in the Lawsuit?

According to her lawsuit, Postle engaged in a “systematic, habitual, and regular” cheating process at Stones Live Poker. The lawsuit also states that cheating accusations are not based on “hunch or suspicion.” Instead, Postle’s actions have been statistically analyzed, and how he played was under an analytical review.

Moreover, the lawsuit states that there is “extensive footage” of Postle having a cell phone placed between his legs, where he gazed when he needed to make important and “game-optimal” decisions.

One of the examples of a hand where Postle allegedly used his access to other players’ hole cards also involves Cordeiro and is caught on tape. Namely, Cordeiro raised to $150 with QT, and Postle, who was on the big blind, called it with QJ. The flop showed 9, J, 8, giving Cordeiro a nut straight, and Postle a top pair.

Cordeiro decided to bet another $200, and Postle called that as well to see the card on the turn. After that, Cordeiro bet again, by adding another $600 to the pot, after which Postle decided to fold.

When taken out of context, this game could be an example of a poker player who can read their opponents pretty well. The other way to look at it is that Postle was perhaps exhausted after a long poker night and didn’t want to go to the end.

However, this is just one of the many cases recorded via a live-stream where Postle makes such decisions. Simply put, he knew Ms. Cordeiro’s Hole cards. Something along these lines was also included in the lawsuit, which was filed against Mike Postle.

According to Cordeiro, Postle even gave away his scheme once on May 6, 2019, when he visited a commentary booth to talk about PLO Omaha play he took part in. He asked, “So what happened on that PLO hand where it only showed to of our cards?”

What seems to be the problem here is that Postle couldn’t have known about the mistake made in the broadcast as he has had no access to it as a poker player. However, it’s quite possible that someone provided Postle with the info about the hole cards of other players.

It seems that the Postle saga has no end in sight at the moment as Postle has been quite unresponsive on the whole thing.