Complete GGPoker´s Missions for a Chance to Share in $5,000

If you play at GGPoker regularly, make sure you complete the site´s fun-packed missions to have the chance of playing in a freeroll with a $5,000 cash prize.

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GGPoker Weekly Mission

If you play at GGPoker regularly, make sure you complete the site´s fun-packed missions to have the chance of playing in a freeroll with a $5,000 cash prize.

With so much going on at the minute at GGPoker, it´s quite possible some players may have overlooked the site´s Weekly Missions promotion – a potentially lucrative promotion for anybody who plays at GGPoker five or more days a week. It´s a fairly simple promotion, but it takes an understanding of the site´s features in order to take full advantage of it.

The promotion works by players picking from a choice of three missions each day. Only one mission has to be completed, but they are not necessarily the straightforward type of missions you might find at other online poker sites. For example, a typical mission might be: Attempt a no-look all-in after posting a straddle – so you need to know how the straddle feature works in order to complete the mission.

The Advantage to Completing 7 Missions per Week

Where to Find the Weekly Mission

Where to Find the Weekly Mission

Players who complete five or more missions per week (Sunday to Saturday) are automatically entered into a freeroll tournament with a $5,000 prize pool that takes place every Sunday at 2:00pm (GMT). The tournament is a must-play event rather than an all-in shootout, so if you are unable to get to the tables on Sunday afternoon, you will be blinded out and won´t win a prize.

A further twist to the promotion is that qualifying players start with different sized chip stacks according to the number of completed missions. Players who have completed five missions start the freeroll tournament with 2,000 chips, players who have completed six missions start with 4,000 chips, and players who have completed seven missions have hugely advantageous 10,000 chip starting stack.

What If You Can´t Play Five Days a Week?

If you can´t play at GGPoker five or more days per week, there are plenty of other promotions running at the site that could provide you with a lucrative experience. For example, the “Big Hand” promotion pays up to 50 percent of the progressive jackpot for being dealt Four of a Kind or Better, and this promotion is available on all regular cash game tables (NL Hold´em and PL Omaha).

You can also win a share of a progressive jackpot pool by hitting a Straight Flush or better at the All In or Fold tables (Royal Flush only for PL Omaha players). Currently the progressive jackpot is in excess of $500,000; and although you only win a percentage of it depending on what stakes you are playing at, even 10 percent of the jackpot prize isn´t to be sneezed at.

Daily Missions

Also if you can´t play five or more days a week at GGPoker, you can take advantage of the Flush Rush promotion that runs until the end of July and includes a daily leaderboard competition as well as a monthly one; or you may like to try out GGPoker´s new side game – “Cowboy Hold´em” – which up until the end of July is paying 10% cashback on all losses (which hopefully you won´t have).

What If You´re Not Yet Playing at GGPoker?

If you are not yet playing at GGPoker, you are missing out on all kinds of promotions and opportunities for a winning poker experience. In addition to the promotions listed above GGPoker offers new players a first deposit bonus of up to $1,000, a honeymoon period in which players can boost their bankrolls by completing further missions, and an MTT leaderboard competition that pays out $100,000 per month.

You can find out more about these promotions, and how to register for an account with the site, by reading our review of GGPoker. The review explains more about some of the site´s features, the ease with which it is possible to deposit and withdraw, and provides an insight into the type of fun-packed experience you can expect when you play at GGPoker.

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