Clyde Terlaan Leads Master Classics of Poker Final Table

After an intense third day of action at the Master Classics of Poker Main Event in Amsterdam, Clyde Terlaan heads the ten-handed Dutch dominated final table.

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Clyde Terlaan Leads MCOP Final TableAfter an intense third day of action at the Master Classics of Poker Main Event in Amsterdam, Clyde Terlaan heads the ten-handed Dutch dominated final table.

Forty-five players returned for Day 3 of the Master Classics of Poker yesterday, with the primary goal for most being survival through the 36-player bubble. Unfortunately for many of the short-stacked players, their dreams of couple of a quick double-up were shattered and Paul Berende (A Q♣ < K K -v- Nicolai Kramer) and Raoul Refos (10♠ 10 < K Q -v- Bryn Kenney) were both eliminated after losing coinflips in the first level of the day.

Other players can consider themselves more unfortunate to have been eliminated from the MCOP Main Event at such a crucial stage – particularly Hao Kuan (A♠ 4) who was all-in against Nicolai Kramer (6 6♣) on a flop of A J 4♠. Unfortunately for Kuan the board completed with the 9 and 10 to give Kramer a better Heart Flush and Kuan was sent to the rail with a bad beat story to tell, but without any of the prize money.

Pascal Vos the Bubble Boy

The field continued to decrease in size, as players failed to find the cards they needed to remain in the tournament. Among the other players to leave the MCOP Main Event with bad beat stories were Eduard Bhaggoe, who saw his pocket Kings bust by Tobias Peters´ J J♣, and Dermot Blain who got all his chips in after his pocket Sixes had made a set on the flop, only to be called by Robert Soogea, whose pocket Kings had also improved to a set on the Flop.

The “bubble boy” was Pascal Vos – who had been the chip leader for most of Day 1 after cracking an opponent´s pocket Aces in the first hand of the tournament. Vos had begun Day 3 of the MCOP Main Event with a relatively healthy stack of 171,500 chips, but was crippled in a pot against Tom Middleton (J J♣ > A♣ Q♣) to be reduced to just 6,000 chips (blinds now 3,000/6,000 – ante 500).

A fortunate double-up against Middleton (Q 9♣ > 8 2 after Middleton had paired his Eight on the flop) brought Vos back up to 12,000 chips; but they all went in with 3♣ 7 on the next circuit of the button, and Tom Middleton made the call with K 10♠. Middleton´s Ten paired on the Turn and Vos was out in 37th place.

Some Big Names Toppled in the Rush to the Bar

Thereafter the usual scenes of “chip frivolity” occurred, and players who had been grasping onto their chips as if their physical life depended on it found reason to push them into the middle of the table as quickly as possible. Artur Koren (A A♣) took out both Misel Draganic (6♠ 6) and Antoine Vranken (A K♣) in the hand after Vos´ exit, former November Niner Eoghan O´Dea chipped up overnight chip leader Charlie Combes when his K♠ Q♣ failed to improved past Combes´ A Q, and EPT Barcelona High Roller Champion Thomas Muhlocker  ran his J J♠ into A♣ K of Nicolai Kramer, who paired the King on the Turn to eliminate Muhlocker in twenty-ninth place.

Nicolai Kramer was also responsible for the elimination of one of this year´s November Nine – Thomas Brummelhuis – when Brummelhuis (A 7) shoved all-in on the board of 3♠ 5♣ 2♠ / 2 / J, indicating that he had connected with the Jack. Unfortunately for Brummelhuis, Nicolai Kramer (J 4) had connected with the Jack and he called Brummelhuis´ bluff – sending the (currently) most popular poker player to the rail in twenty-sixth.

There was also to be no final table appearance for last year´s winner Ole Schemion (A K) after he got involved in a pre-flop raising war with Tom Middleton (A♠ A). The flop of K♣ 10♠ J made the hand more interesting, but Middleton´s Aces held and Schemion was bust from the tournament in twentieth place.

Two Tables Become One

As the players converged onto two tables, the dynamics of the tournament changed. Zeus Post stamped his name as a contender by knocking out Artur Koren A♣ Q > A 8♠, and Simon Persson´s pocket Kings were good enough to send Nicolai Kramer to the rail. Andrew Chen (8 8♣) tripled up in a three-way pot against Charlie Combes (A♣ J) and Tom Middleton (A♠ K♣), and Charlie Combes then lost his place at the top of the leaderboard after a contentious floor decision about angle-shooting cost him 50,000 chips.

Bryn Kenney had performed wonders to transform his opening chip stack of 59,000 chips into a workable amount; and he had been unfortunate to double-up Luuk Gieles (K Q > Q Q♣) when Gieles found a King on the Turn. Gieles would eventually eliminate Kenney in twelfth place when his A 4 was too good for Kenney´s K♠ 8♠, and when Tom Middleton ran his pocket Threes unsuccessfully into the pocket Kings of Dmitry Nemirovsky, the final table of ten was set:


MCOP Main Event Final Table



Clyde Terlaan



Noah Boeken



Luuk Gieles



Simon Persson



Dmitry Nemirovsky



Zeus Post



Johan Verhagen



Rob Hollink



Andrew Chen



Charlie Coombes



Looking Ahead to the Final Table

When play resumes at the Casino Holland in Amsterdam this afternoon, the blinds will be 10,000/20,000 (ante 3,000). The players are pretty well stacked, and it could be a late finish without the aggressive Tom Middleton at the table! The next player out will receive €18,882 for their efforts, but all eyes will be on the €306,821 first prize and the honour of being Master Classics of Poker Champion.