Chris Johnson Wins WSOP-C at Caesars Palace

WSOPCThe latest stop on the WSOP-C poker tournament series took players to the $1,600 Main Event at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, creating a field of 496 runners. All of them had a shot of claiming the title and first place prize money.

The last person standing by the end of the final table was Chris Johnson. He made quick work of it, taking less then three hours to take down the poker tournament, collecting $153,000 for his efforts and gaining entry into the National Championship later this month.

It took less than one hour for the final table of ten players to be reduced down to just six. The first player to be eliminated was Derrick Kwenzel, after he lost a coin flip with pocket sevens which were up against A-K. There was a king on the flop which improved to a flush. Kwenzel received $11,492 for his efforts.

The most recognizable player at the final table was UB Poker pro “Hollywood Dave” Stann however luck was not on his side when his A-T could not improve against his opponent’s pocket kings, sending hm out in eighth place. A short while after that, Alex Santiago couldn’t win a coin flip holding A-Q against his opponent’s pocket tens, exiting in seventh place for $22,820.

The final table action showed no signs of slowing down and James Martini busted out in sixth when his pocket fives were up against England’s K-J and his opponent flopped two pair.

England continued his momentum and proceeded to knock out Adam Hui from the final table, even though his K-4 was dominated against Hui’s K-5 he made a pair.

Kulish was next to exit the final table, when all his chips went into the middle on a A-T-9 flop. Kulish held A-T for top two pair and Seaman showed A-9 for a worse two pair. However, the poker gods were with Seaman when he turned a full house, and when the river bricked, Kulish was sent to the rail in fourth for $51,418. However, Jon Seaman’s luck was short lived when his K-J didn’t improve, exiting in third place.

Heads-up play of the World Series of Poker Circuit event at Caesars Palace was decided between Chris Johnson and Brian England. Heading into the heads up match, Johnson held a monster chip advantage. Just a few hands into it, England decided to four-bet shove with A-J but Johnson woke up with a big hand himself in A-K. The best hand held up and Johnson was crowned the champion.