Chao Ma Takes Down China Poker Carnival Main Event

Chao Ma has taken down the China Poker Carnival invitation-only main event outlasting a 414-player field at the MGM Hotel Sanya City.

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China Poker CarnivalChao Ma has taken down the China Poker Carnival (CPC) invitation-only main event for CNY 300,000 – or about $47,583 – and a gold ring after outlasting a 414-player field at the MGM Hotel Sanya City in the nation’s smallest province, Hainan.

It took four days for Ma to emerge victorious in the CNY one million (approximately $158,608) guaranteed event after defeating fellow home player Mengmeng Zhang in their heads-up battle that left the runner-up with a prize of CNY 150,000 ($23,791).

Ma, with 4,160,000 chips, started the head-to-head with a tiny lead of just 40,000 over his opponent after he had eliminated Jubin Xu in third place for CNY 110,000 ($17,447).

However, while Zhang was highly aggressive during their one-on-one clash, the final hand arrived during level 30 with the blinds at 60,000/120,000 – with a 10,000 ante – after Ma had managed to hold on to his slight chip advantage over the preceding hands.

Mengmeng Zhang Takes Second Place

Zhang – who had taken the three previous pots pre-flop – checked his option in the big blind during the final hand after Ma lipped in on the button. Zhang then check-called Ma’s 150,000 bet following a flop of J♣ 10 8.

The A♠ on the turn saw Zhang lead out with a 500,000 bet, which Ma called, ahead of the dealer revealing the A river card.

Zhang decided to move all-in at this point, while Ma made a quick call for a showdown that saw the former stand up and walk from the table as his tournament life was on the line.

Ma showed A J for a full house, while Zhang revealed Q 4 for a bluff that failed as the former was declared the CPC champion following a chip count.

Changjiang Xu Out On First Hand of Final Day

The nine-handed final table’s first elimination arrived during level 24 – with the blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante – when short stack Changjiang Xu hit the rail on the first hand of the last day.

Under the gun, Xu moved all-in for 295,000 with the action folding to button Guangyao Wang, who called. Wang had Xu covered by just 10,000 chips as the combatants showed 10♣ 10 and 7 8♣ respectively.

While Xu gained a pair of sevens and an open-ended straight on the flop, the turn and river gave him no extra help to see him hit the rail in ninth for CNY 20,000 ($3,173).

Eighth place and CNY 25,000 ($3,965) went to Wei Sun after he lost out to Xiaoqiang Meng – also during level 24.

Having seen his stack demolished by big stack Hui Wen, Sun had just 305,000 chips remaining as he moved all-in following Meng’s raise to 100,000 under the gun. Meng called with 6♠ 6♣ to be well ahead of the 3♣ 3 held by Sun. The 9♠ 10 4♠ 8 2 board changed nothing and Sun’s stay in the CPC was over.

Guangyao Wang Hits Rail in Seventh

Wang was next to hit the rail in seventh place for CNY 35,000 ($5,554) during level 26 with the blinds at 25,000/50,000 and a 5,000 ante.

Under the gun, Zhang made it 175,000 to go, with Wang – in the cut-off seat – ignoring the ringing of his mobile phone to declare that he was all-in. Zhang, in turn, quickly calls to show K♠ K to dominate Wang’s Q Q. The A 2♠ 9♠ K♣ 7 board gave Zhang trip kings to send Wang out.

Level 27 saw Meng exit in sixth place for CNY 50,000 ($7,935) when the blinds were set at 30,000/60,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Meng’s fall from grace came as a result of two successive and devastating hands – the first of which saw him lose out to overnight chip leader Wen.

Small blind Wen made it 160,000 to go, while big blind Meng called to see a flop of A♠ 10 J♣, which Wen then bet 150,000 into and which Meng again called.

Wen quickly checked the 5 turn, only for Meng to bet 300,000 that left him with approximately 450,000. However, that is exactly what Wen wanted and he moved all-in, leaving Meng – who had already invested a huge chunk of his stack – to reluctantly call.

Meng showed J 8 for a pair of jacks, but is well behind the top pair of Wen, who revealed A♣ 6. The 9 river changed nothing to leave Meng with less than 100,000 chips.

Xiaoqiang Meng Leaves in Sixth Spot

Of course, the next hand saw Meng get the remainder of his chips into the middle while holding K 3 to be up against the 5♣ 4♠ of big blind Zhang. The A 2 7 flop was good for Meng as he gained a flush draw. But the 3♠ on the turn gave Zhang a straight, leaving just the river to save Meng. However, the 7♣ was not one of his outs and that’s it for Meng.

Fifth place went to Yicun Zhou for CNY 70,000 ($11,108) during the next level, when the blinds were at 40,000/80,000 and a 10,000 ante, after a slightly quiet period at the final table.

Under the gun, Zhou opened for 180,000 and Jubin Xu – on the button – called. However, short stack Zhou then moved all-in the moment the 5♠ A♣ 9♣ flop arrived to leave Xu with a huge decision as his stack would be chopped down if losing the hand.

But Xu did make the call with J J♣ to be up against Zhou’s K Q♠. Running deuces come on the turn and river, so resulting in Zhou’s exit.

Overnight Leader Hui Wen Finishes in Fourth

Now into level 29 – with the blinds at 50,000/100,00 and a 10,000 ante – short stack Wen was the next to crash out in fourth place for CNY 90,000 ($14,282).

With the blinds making it tough for Wen, he shoved his remaining 410,000 chips while holding J♣ 5 in the small blind – and was called by big blind Zhang with 6♠ 4♠.

The 8♣ 6 3♣ flop gave Zhang middle pair, while the K♠ turn and 10 river were no help to Wen and the overnight chip leader was gone.

Jubin Xu was the final elimination before the heads-up battle commenced, with the former losing out to Ma – also during level 29.

Ma limped in from the small blind while holding 9 9♠ and Xu – in the big blind – checked with 7 6♣ to see a flop of 4♣ 8 6.

Ma must have felt he was ahead and again checked to prompt Xu into making a 200,000 bet. Ma then moved all-in and Xu called for a showdown as the 8♠ turn and 4 river arrived to ensure that the former was heading towards the title and glory.

China Poker Carnival (CPC) Invitation-Only Main Event Top 10 Payouts

1. Chao Ma (China) – CNY 300,000 ($47,583)

2. Mengmeng Zhang (China) – CNY 150,000 ($23,791)

3. Jubin Xu (China) – CNY 110,000 ($17,447)

4. Hui Wen (China) – CNY 90,000 ($14,282)

5. Yicun Zhou (China) – CNY 70,000 ($11,108)

6. Xiaoqiang Meng (China) – CNY 50,000 ($7,935)

7. Guangyao Wang (China) – CNY 35,000 ($5,554)

8. Wei Sun (China) – CNY 25,000 ($3,965)

9. Changjiang Xu (China) – CNY 20,000 ($3,173)

10. Liang Fu (China) – CNY 13,000 ($2,062)