Ceri Rees Takes Down Dusk Till Dawn 500 Deepstack Event

Dusk Till DawnWelshman Ceri Rees has won the £500+£60 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout Deepstack event at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn for £86,206 after outlasting 642 other entries in the first £250,000 guaranteed prize pool staging of the always-popular tournament.

Day 1a saw 143 players sign up, with an additional 25 re-entries, while 397 players bought in on Day 1b as 78 re-entries were recorded to ensure there was an impressive prize pool of £321,500.

But it all came down to Rees against Englishman Tommy Bingham in their heads-up battle for the top prize. No deal was struck, so Bingham left with £50,397 for his runner-up spot, while the eight-handed final table also saw Mark Lane leave with £30,238 in third, Jareth East pick up £21,220 for fourth, Callum McCaig pocket £15,915 in fifth, Kevin Parkes earn £11,936 in sixth, Richard Wilcox walk away with £9,283 in seventh, and Tamer Kamal add £6,631 to his winnings for eighth.

Champion Overcomes Tommy Bingham Heads-Up

The end came quickly for Bingham after seeing his chip stack demolished on a vital hand involving 18 million of the 19 million chips in play.

Rees showed K-J for a full house on a board of J-J-K-5-3, while Bingham could only manage trip jacks with his J-4 to leave the latter with about one million in chips.

Hugely dominated by Rees, Bingham was knocked out in second place not long after when the Welshman’s A-9 came from behind to defeat the Englishman’s A-J.

With 63 places paid, Englishman James Tomlin picked up £750 as the first casher, while big-name pro Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott could only manage 14th place for £2,652.50.

 Dusk Till Dawn 500 Deepstack Event Top 10 Payouts

1. Ceri Rees (Wales) – £86,206.25

2. Tommy Bingham (England) – £50,397.50

3. Mark Lane (England) – £30,238.50

4. Jareth East (England) – £21,220

5. Callum McCaig (Scotland) – £15,915

6. Kevin Parkes (England) – £11,936.25

7. Richard Wilcox (Wales) – £9,283.75

8. Tamer Kamal (England) – £6,631.25

9. Ifzal Mohammed (England) – £5,305

10. Maria Demetriou (England) – £3,713.50

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