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Because of several recent changes like making the welcome bonus a lot harder to clear, cancelling guaranteed tournaments, and because of huge delays from payments of players’ withdrawals we are recommending you to look at [geolink href=””]other USA friendly poker sites[/geolink] instead.

The review below is old, and outdated, all links on this page have been changed to [geolink href=””]BetOnline Poker[/geolink], which is the best alternative.

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Carbon Poker Bonus Code

Carbon Poker is the leading skin on the Merge Gaming Network – one of the largest remaining networks that still accepts online poker players from the US. The site has a history of innovative promotions and for providing a satisfactory and potentially lucrative poker experience for its players.

Offering many rare formats of poker such as Draw, Razz and Badugi, and combining them into mixed game disciplines – both at the cash tables and in poker tournaments – Carbon Poker gives players who are not so great at Hold´em and Omaha the opportunity to develop strengths elsewhere.

Carbon Poker also offers players of all abilities a 100% Match Welcome Bonus of up to $1,000 when you use our [getYear] Carbon Poker Bonus Code [bonuscode room=”carbonpoker”]. The Carbon Poker bonus is not only straightforward to redeem, but it is released into players´ accounts in easy-to-achieve increments and is cleared by playing against some of the loosest players on the World Wide Web.

Redeeming the Carbon Poker Bonus

When you register an account with Carbon Poker using the link below, you will be entitled to a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000. You can deposit more if you wish (some players find it easier to clear the bonus with a bigger bankroll behind them) but the maximum bonus you can receive is $1,000.

The bonus is released in increments of $20.00 every time you collect 4,000 Player Points. Player Points are awarded at the rate of 10.00 per dollar for contributing to the rake deducted from pots in cash games, or for paying a fee to enter a Sit & Go or MTT tournament. Fractions of Player Points are awarded for fractions of dollars; so, if you entered a Carbon Poker tournament with a buy-in of $2.50 + $0.25, you would be awarded 2.5 Player Points for the $0.25 fee.

The site allows players sixty days to clear the bonus (or as much of it as possible), but you should be aware that if you make a withdrawal from your account before the sixty days is up, you will forfeit the rest of your Carbon Poker bonus.

Tips for Clearing the Carbon Poker Bonus

One of the things that players soon learn when playing at Carbon Poker is that there are no micro-stakes tables. If you are a fan of NL Hold´em, the minimum table stake is $0.05/$0.10, while other disciplines of cash games have higher minimum table stakes. There are also caps on the amount of rake deducted from cash game pots – which get lower when four or fewer players are dealt into a hand – and a lower amount of rake is deducted from games of $1.00/$2.00 and higher. Tournaments have no rake restrictions.

The quickest way to collect Player Points to redeem the Carbon Poker bonus is to play on the FL Hold´em tables – where more players tend to limp into pots – or on the PL Omaha 08 tables, where players are chasing two pots and most hands seem to get to the flop (Carbon Poker has a “No-Flop, No-Drop” policy, so if the hand is won during the pre-flop action, no rake is deducted and no Player Points awarded).

Players who want to take advantage of the generally loose standard of play at the NL Texas Hold´em tables should (with a $1,000 deposit and following standard bankroll management) head to the $0.10/$0.25 tables and buy-in for the maximum $25.00. Playing on a typical full ring table with an average pot value of $7.00 and 33% of players getting involved in 80 rakeable hands per hour, you should be able to collect just over 100 Player Points per hour per table.

If you multitable six tables simultaneously, your hourly rate improves to 600 Player Points per hour. You need 200,000 Player Points to redeem the full Carbon Poker bonus within sixty days, so that equates to five and a half hours effort every day. That may seem a bit excessive but, as bonuses start to be added to your account and – hopefully – you benefit from the loose standard of play at the tables (a 33% “players-per-flop” percentage is normal for Carbon Poker), your bankroll will increase and you can step up the stakes you are playing at to $0.25/$0.50 and then $0.50/$1.00 to earn your points quicker.

Tournament Tips for Clearing the Carbon Poker Bonus

The route for tournament players to clear the Carbon Poker bonus is a little more arduous – but much safer. A lot of bonus grinders tend to head for the $28.12 + $1.88 HUSNGs or $28.28 + $1.72 “Double or Nothing” Sit & Go games – and I suggest that you do the same.

Multitabling three tables of each will bring you 108 Player Points per “set” of six games and assuming that each set will take on average 30 minutes to complete (you are not going to cash in them all!), this will equate to an hourly rate of 208 Player Points – much lower than that which can be achieved playing at the cash tables, but without such a great risk to your bankroll.

Higher value games do get a fair amount of action (especially the $104.30 + $4.70 HUSNGs) – and these games would enable you to clear the Carbon Poker bonus at a far quicker rate – however, I suggest that you refrain from getting involved at this stake level until your bankroll can support it and you have experienced the standard of play at the lower buy-ins.

Carbon Poker Bonus Summary

The Carbon Poker bonus is not the easiest bonus to clear in the world, but there is the consideration to take into account that the standard of play at Carbon Poker is pretty loose. The money that you win at the tables will probably eclipse the value of the bonus, but it is nice to get it anyway!

Don´t forget to include the Carbon Poker bonus code “[bonuscode room=”carbonpoker”]” when making your first deposit to be able to take advantage of the Carbon Poker bonus and, if you want more information about the site before committing your bankroll (and a significant number of hours at the tables), visit the official Carbon Poker website or read our [geolink href=””]Carbon Poker Review[/geolink].