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Brett Angell Leads Final Table of UKIPT London Main Event

Brett Angell has the chip lead at the final table of the UKIPT London Main Event after a day on which being ahead in a hand did not guarantee success.

UKIPT London Main Event Brett Angell Leads Final TableBrett Angell has the chip lead at the final table of the UKIPT London Main Event after a day on which being ahead in a hand did not guarantee success.

Irrespective of whether you believe in heavenly powers or not, the UKIPT London Main Event has seen more than its fair share of players against the odds. On the fringe of Friday´s bubble, Parker Talbot crippled Antonin Duda A♣ 9♣ > Q Q after the board had delivered an Eight-high straight and Marcelo Urbina escaped elimination when a 4% chance (A 9♣ -v- K 9♠ on a flop of K♣ K 5♣) courtesy runner-runner clubs to complete a flush.

The fates continued to show little mercy on the penultimate day of the UKIPT London Main Event as fifty-one players returned to the Grand Connaught Rooms in London´s West End to play for a place at the final table and to have a stab at winning the £133,500 first prize.

One Percent Shot gives Angell the Chip Lead

Yesterday´s action followed a similar pattern with Lukas Peleckis busting Jason Barton A J♠ > A♠ K♠, Vladimir Troyanovskiy taking an early chip lead with A 10 > Tom Gallagher´s A♣ Q and – in probably the most incredible hand of the day – Rasmus Agerskov cracking Nicholas Szeremeta´s pocket Aces with Quad Kings.

Keith Hawkins was bust in twenty-third place (A♣ Q♠ < Sandro Mescola´s A♠ J♠) when Mescola found the J on the Turn, but the most pivotal hand of the day came during the fourth level of the day when Vladimir Troyanovskiy shoved all in with A♣ K and Brett Angell made the call with A K♣. Angell was the player at risk, but incredibly the board ran J♠ 2 10 / 3 / 4 to propel him into the chip lead.

Bad Beats Continue into the Evening

Brett Angell´s lead at the top of the leaderboard was only temporary, as Vladimir Troyanovskiy enjoyed his own slice of good fortune to eliminate Lukas Pelekis K♣ J♣ > J 5♠. Pelekis had paired his Five on the flop, but Troyanovskiy hit a runner-runner King-high straight to leap-frog Angell back in to the chip lead.

Troyanovskiy then powered into a commanding chip lead – flopping a set of Threes on a Six-high board to best UKIPT Marbella Champion Ludovic Geilich´s pocket Eights, and eliminating Otto Richard A J > pocket Deuces when the board delivered two pairs and Troyanovskiy´s higher kicker counterfeited Richard´s pocket Pair.

Final Table Starts to Take Shape

As the field was reduced to sixteen players, the final table of the UKIPT London Main Event began to take shape. Rasmus Agerskov spiked a King on the River to bust Day 1A chip leader Garrett Levrini A♣ K > 10 10, Nickolas Davies eliminated Ignacio Palau in a standard A Q♠ > A♠ 7 confrontation – and then took the chip lead in a Q Q > A♣ K encounter against Vladimir Troyanovskiy.

Brett Angell then went on a roll and bust Lucas Blanco in thirteenth pace (J♠ J > A K) and Adrian Aleman in eleventh place (4 4 > A K♠) to move back into the chip lead. The eight-handed final table was set after Rasmus Agerskov sent Simon Fleischer to the rail in tenth place (A J > A 3) and Fabrizio Fuchs eliminated Benjamin Heath 10 10♠ > 8 9.

Looking Ahead to the UKIPT London Final Table

When play resumes later today at the Grand Connaught Rooms, the eight remaining players will be mid-way through Level 26 (blinds 25,000/50,000 – ante 5,000). Each of the players has locked up a minimum prize of £12,800 and, with big pay jumps up to the first prize of £133,500, we can expect a very tense final table of the UKIPT London Main Event.

# UKIPT London Final Table Chips
1 Brett Angell 5,190,000
2 Nickolas Davies 4,000,000
3 Rasmus Agerskov 3,150,000
4 Vladimir Troyanovskiy 2,705,000
5 Mark James 2,300,000
6 Caicai Huang 1,960,000
7 Fabrizio Fuchs 1,240,000
8 Sandro Mescola 1,145,000