BoylePoker Moves IPO Back to Dublin

BoylePoker Moves IPO Back to DublinAfter unsuccessfully moving the International Poker Open to London in April, BoylePoker has announced that the event will be returning to Dublin in October.

Details of this autumn´s (!) BoylePoker International Poker Open have just been released, with the event returning to the Regency Hotel in Dublin on Thursday October 17th following the disappointing excursion over to the Asper´s Casino in Stratford in April.

Similar to the “London IPO”, the forthcoming International Poker Open will be a re-entry event to allow players who have been eliminated on either of the first two Day 1s or before the end of Level 6 on Day 1C to have a second (or third) chance of glory.

However, unlike Dublin IPO´s held over the past few years, there will be no “November Nine” returning to play out the final table and the event will reach its conclusion on Sunday 21st October (or, more likely, in the early hours of Monday 22nd October).

International Poker Open Details

Venue Regency Hotel, Swords Road, Dublin
Buy-In €200.00 + €30.00
Starting Chips 30,000
Levels 40 Minutes
Day 1A Thursday October 17 @ 3.00pm
Day 1B Friday October 18 @ 3.00pm
Day 1C Saturday October 19 @ 12.00pm
Day 2 Sunday October 20 @ 12.00pm
Day 3 Monday October 21 @ 3.00pm


Players can qualify for the event online on or via live satellites held at the Regency Hotel on the evening of Wednesday October 16. There will be one Super Satellite with a €20.00 + €5.00 buy-in (Re-buy and Add-On) that has 10 seats into Day 1A guaranteed and 10-handed single table satellites (buy-in €23.00 + €2.00) available on demand from 6.00pm.

BoylePoker 20% Extra Promotion

BoylePoker has also announced a promotion to encourage early qualification through their web site, and are offering players who satellite their way into the International Poker Open a 20% bonus on whatever prize they win.

Last year that would have netted IPO Dublin winner Tom Brady an extra €8,506 on top of his €42,530 first prize, but naturally there is a catch inasmuch as players have to earn 1,000 BoylePoker iPoints in two separate months before the event takes place in order to qualify for the bonus.

Full details of the event and the Terms and Conditions of the BoylePoker 20% Extra Promotion can be found on the BoylePoker web site or on the Irish Poker Boards forum, where Tournament Director Stephen “Carfax” McLean has set up a Q&A thread.