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Bovada Poker Adds Jackpot, Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go Games

Bovada Poker has recently added hyper-turbo “Jackpot” Sit & Go games to its lobby, giving players the chance to win up to 1,000x their buy-in in minutes.

Jackpot Sit & Go's at Bovada PokerBovada Poker has recently added hyper-turbo “Jackpot” Sit & Go games to its lobby, giving players the chance to win up to 1,000x their buy-in in minutes.

If you are a regular player at Bovada Poker, you will have recently seen a new option appear in the lobby – “Jackpot Sit & Go”. The new three-handed, hyper-turbo games were quietly introduced during the last software update, and feedback from players who have already investigated the new option has been fairly positive – suggesting Jackpot Sit & Go games at Bovada Poker are here to stay.

The “new” hyper-turbo Jackpot games follow the same format as most other online poker sites (random prize at start of game, 500 starting chips, three minute blinds, etc.), and have similar – although not identical – buy-in points. What is slightly different compared with Bovada´s closest US-facing competitor is the prize distribution – which is better around the mid-range prizes at the cost of fewer top prizes.

How to Play Jackpot Sit & Go at Bovada Poker

To access the new Jackpot Sit & Go games, click on the tab between the existing “Sit & GO Tournaments” tab and the “Scheduled Tournaments” tab in the Bovada Poker lobby. This will take you to a new lobby, in which you select the stake you wish to play at ($2.00, $7.00, $15.00 or $30.00) and the number of games you want to play simultaneously. You can play up to four games at the same time.

Each game will start as soon as three players have registered, at which point the random spinner kicks into action and selects a prize pool of between 2x and 1,200x the buy-in. When a prize pool of 2x, 5x or 15x is selected, the game progresses in winner-takes-all format. However, when a prize pool of 120x, 240x or 1,200x is selected, second and third placed players receive 10% of the first place prize.

For example: In a $15.00 buy-in Jackpot Sit & Go game in which a 120x prize pool multiplier is selected, the total prize money is $1,800. The winner of the game will receive $1,500, while second and third placed players each receive $150.

The most any individual player can win in a single Jackpot Sit & Go games at Bovada Poker is $30,000 ($30.00 buy-in with the top prize pool of 1,200x). Although this will happen only once in every 100,000 games, the frequency at which the higher value prizes will be selected is better than at most other online poker sites with comparable prize structures.

Benefits for PokerStars Players in Mexico and Brazil

Early feedback from players in the US suggests that the Jackpot Sit & Go games at Bovada Poker are much softer at Bovada Poker than at the Winning Poker Network – the only other US-facing network to offer Jackpot Sit & Go games. This could possibly be because Jackpot Poker has been available on the Winning Poker Network for two years and players are more experienced. It could also be because players at WPN are allowed to use player-tracking software.

However, there are guaranteed benefits for Bovada players in Mexico and Brazil, where the leading online poker site is PokerStars (although this [geolink href=”″]may not last for long[/geolink]). PokerStars hosts “Spin & Go” games which are identical to Bovada Poker´s Jackpot Sit & Go games, but with higher rake at the lowest $3.00 buy-ins level and a lower frequency of mid-range prizes. For example, the 120x multiplier is selected 9 times per 100,000 games on Bovada, whereas it is selected 7.5 times per 100,000 games on PokerStars.

Although these discrepancies are unlikely to cause a mass exodus of Latin America players from PokerStars to Bovada Poker, they are indicative of the opportunities available at Bovada Poker – lower rake, better prizes, and a softer level of competition. Plus, if you have never played at Bovada Poker before, the site is offering new players a first deposit bonus of up to $500. Further details about the bonus, and about all the opportunities available at the site, can be found in our [geolink href=””]Bovada Poker review[/geolink].

Will You Hit the Jackpot at Bovada Poker?

Hitting the top prize while playing Jackpot Sit & Go games at Bovada Poker is a bit of a longshot, but while the game is new to players, there are plenty of opportunities to build your bankroll if you are an experienced Jackpot Poker player. Short-handed, hyper-turbo games have unique strategies that inexperienced players will be unfamiliar with. Therefore, whether or not you hit the top prize or not, you are almost certain of hitting the Jackpot while playing Jackpot Sit & Go games at Bovada Poker.