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PLEASE NOTE: Bodog Poker ONLY accepts players from the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Venezuela

If you are from the United States, check our [geolink href=””]list of US facing poker rooms[/geolink] here, or if you are from another country [geolink href=””]click here for our list of poker sites[/geolink].

Now that all of that is said, Bodog is still one of the most experienced and trusted names in online gaming. They started all the way back in 1994 offering sports betting on the internet, which still remains its core business. They were one of the first sites to offer real money online poker and thus have been doing it for a long time. If you prefer other forms of gambling such as casino, sports betting, and betting on horse racing, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to do it all right from the same account. If you just like to play poker, you’ll particularly enjoy playing against an assortment of players whose main game is something other than poker, and who also like to gamble it up so to speak and are also accustomed to losing without having it bother them.

Bodog Poker Is One Of The Only Successful Stand Alone Poker Rooms Around

With all the new poker rooms springing up all the time, most of which have a very small player base, a lot of players wonder whether or not they are going to last. A few here and there actually even go under, and while players generally do get their money back, it’s still great to know that you’re with a poker site that’s been around for years and also doesn’t rely on a poker network to survive. Only a very few poker sites have ever been able to start from scratch and build up their own player base, and also rival some of the biggest networks out there. So this is definitely a benefit, and one that Bodog Poker’s players enjoy. Once again, they have been around several years before online poker even started, so they are likely to be around for a long time to come as well.

Bodog Poker Features Relatively Soft Competition

As I mentioned already, Bodog Poker is famous for its soft competition due to so many of its players being poker players on the side instead of having it as their main game. Bodog Poker has a lot more gamblers than you typically see elsewhere, and this makes winning there so much easier. Sure, we play for fun, but how we do matters to us a lot as well. In my opinion, there really isn’t anything as important as the softness of the competition when it comes to selecting a poker site to play at. I’ve always played at the easiest ones myself over the years, and Bodog certainly qualifies in this regard.

Bodog Poker Has A Good Amount Of Action And Traffic

Bodog Poker has always had a good amount of traffic. I do need to tell you though that most players overestimate how much traffic you need at a poker site to make it worthwhile to have an account there. For instance I have accounts at several poker sites which don’t have a lot of action at all at the stakes I like to play, but at the same time there are some real juicy games that I don’t want to miss out on. Bodog Poker has much more traffic than these sites though and while it’s not the busiest to be honest, there’s a good amount, and lately it’s really grown as well with many now orphaned Americans who have been booted out of Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Absolute Poker coming over to Bodog to play now. Already, Bodog is quickly moving up the ranks in terms of the list of the poker rooms with the most traffic.. I expect them to grow even more, but it isn’t even necessary to be honest with you.

Bodog Poker Offers Generous Sign Up Bonuses And Rewards

It used to be that you could only get a 10% bonus on your first deposit. Other poker sites would generally offer 100%. Now, they still have that 10%, which by the way is up front money and not bonus money you free up later, but they also give you the 100% bonus as well, and will double your money not just up to the usual $600, they let you go up to an extra $1,100 in total. The 100% part of it is also fairly easy to free up compared to a lot of other offers at other poker sites. So overall, Bodog’s initial deposit bonus deal is an excellent one, although when bonus offers are concerned, you don’t really want to compare one with another, why not go after them all? In terms of rewards, they have a good program, pretty much everyone offers frequent player points, but Bodog goes one up and doubles them for you if you hit 2000 or more. They also feature an assortment of ongoing promotions including ways to earn a seat at the WSOP for as little as $1.

Team Bodog And Bodog Poker’s Poker School

Team Bodog currently includes a couple of ladies, Evelyn Ng and Tatjana Pasalic. I’d like to see a better assortment of pros here but to be honest this is more for show anyway so it really doesn’t matter. They do offer a smallish poker school with a few articles and videos, there’s not a lot here to be honest but poker sites that you play at aren’t really going to give you much here anyway unless you’re brand new, so it really doesn’t matter. As far as they go, the material here is certainly better than a lot of poker rooms. I think that this is something that poker sites in general could focus a lot more on.

Bodog Poker Offers A Variety Of Deposit And Withdrawal Options

I don’t think that poker sites can have too many deposit and withdrawal options, and this is certainly something that’s pretty important. The main thing is that they need to offer you something that you find convenient, and some poker sites fall a little short in their selection. Bodog’s is actually pretty good though, and offer deposits via credit cards, debit cards, money transfers, along with several internet wallets such as Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and Paysafecard. As for cashouts, you can either receive them by check or get them deposited into one of the internet wallets you deposited with, which is generally preferable as you get your money a lot faster. While they could stand to add a few additional options here, overall I’d say that they have a good selection.

Bodog Poker’s Software

I judge poker software primarily on its functionality and ease of use, and Bodog’s is one of the fastest out there, which is important. No one wants to sit and wait for slow software, when we play poker we want to play. If you like a customized avatar, Bodog is one of the few poker sites which let you do it. I prefer sites which offer this mostly because it helps me remember players. There are several other customization options as well. Overall the software at Bodog is very good, although somewhat unique.

Customer Support and Integrity

You’d expect that with an online gaming company that’s been around as long as Bodog has, they would have figured out how to get the customer service end of the business right, and at Bodog you won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason they’ve been around for 17 years and have been one of the top companies in the business for all this time as well. Their support has in fact won awards for their top notch service. They are managed by the Kahnawake Indians, the same folks who run the commission which regulates online poker in general, so you can be assured you’ll be treated with complete fairness and integrity.

Bodog Poker Recap

I’ve always liked Bodog Poker, it’s always been one of the better places to play poker online for sure, and as the years go by, they just keep getting better at what they do. If I didn’t have an account there, there’s no question that I would open one, and the initial deposit bonus where you get 10% right up front in addition to the regular bonus that you earn is enough of a reason to give it a try in my opinion. You’ll really like the soft competition in particular though, which is the most important thing in my mind. The rest of the site is pretty good with no real downers at all to take away from all of the good things they offer. If I were you I’d give this a try and I’m confident that you won’t at all be sorry.

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