Rebrands to Bovada Poker

Bodog Poker Rebrands to Bovada PokerFurther to the announcement in July that the Bodog Poker brand was to withdraw from the USA, news has come through today of a major re-branding of the USA-facing Bodog Poker site – now to be known as Bovada Poker.

The “new” Bovada poker site will be operated by Bodog´s former US licensees – the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG) – and will be affiliated to the Bodog Poker network in exactly the same way as skins on other online poker networks share player databases.

Bovada Poker Exclusively for US Players

Online poker players outside of the US hoping to register on the new site will be disappointed to learn that Bovada Poker will be operated exclusively for US poker players only. Rest of the World players will still be able to play their former American Bodog adversaries on Bodog Poker, as the whole of the US Bodog player database is being migrated over to the networked Bovada Poker. For existing players in the US, the only change they will notice is that they will no longer be able to access their Bodog poker client and instead have to download the Bovada Poker client from Bovada Poker´s web site. US player´s poker bankrolls will be carried forward to Bovada Poker and log-ins and passwords will remain the same.

Bovada Poker Traffic Should be Unaffected

The news of the change to Bovada Poker should have only minor influence on the volume of traffic on the Bodog Poker Network while the transition is taking place. The Bovada Poker web site was shut this morning (14th December) while the migration of the database was taking place, but has re-opened by now. Players from the Rest of the World will notice a temporary lull in traffic until this time but, as it is not a time of day when many of the US poker players would have been playing on the site, the disruption is anticipated to be minimal.

The Future for Bovada Poker and Bodog Poker

The rebranding to Bovada Poker could have a positive impact on the volume of players playing on the Bovada Poker site and the Bodog Poker Network. Bodog´s traffic levels increased immediately after Black Friday in April (up 64% year-on-year), but started to decline following the Merge Poker Network´s announcement that it was to accept new registrations from the States once more. Existing Bodog players will hope the opposite is true as they continue to prosper from under-subscribed guaranteed tournaments and a very weak standard of play in the micro and low stake levels.