Blue Shark Optics official shades of choice by WSOP

Because WSOP distanced itself from the accused poker sites after Black Friday they where severely lacking in sponsorship. Now that void has been filled by Blue Shark Optics.

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Blue Shark Optics official WSOP eyewearAfter the terrible events of April 15th, infamously known in the online poker world as Black Friday, the World Series of Poker was one of the first to sever all ties and publicly distance itself from the accused online poker sites; PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. Unfortunately, this left the WSOP brand severely lacking in sponsorship, and the WSOP are a brand which has always been adamant that their sponsors are as heavily involved in the poker industry as themselves. That void has now been filled by none other than Blue Shark Optics.

Founded in 2007 and based in Florida, the Blue Shark designer sunglasses have been worn by some of the biggest professional poker players around the world, including Jonathan Little and Kathy Lieberty. Not just a highly respected brand in the poker industry, they are the leading global poker eyewear manufacturer in the world today. Outside of the gambling industry, Blue shark Optics have been showcased at prestigious international fashion events. However, the company designs and manufactures poker specific eyewear which is tailored towards indoor use. The unique Crystalion-3 lenses are hiding the eyes while allowing for maximum penetration of light. Blue Shark’s unique products do not induce eye strain and keep the eyes feeling rested and fresh, which normally is a problem with dark glasses.

Many professional poker players choose to hide their eyes while playing, as it can help to prevent opponents seeing subtle “tells” such as blinking and widening of the eyes. The WSOP’s executive director Ty Stewart said they had never seen a company so committed to the needs of poker players as Blue Shark and that the WSOP was looking forward to helping more players discover their great product.

As the shades are now Official sponsors of the WSOP, they are soon expected to grace poker tables everywhere.

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