“blakjak19” Wins Super MILLION$ Title for $344,407

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A player from Cyprus nicknamed “blakjak19” managed to win the latest massive online event hosted by GGPoker. They topped the 137-strong field that also included some of the best poker players in the world, which was definitely not an easy task.

The Super MILLION$ High Rollers event required the buy-in of $10,300. In the end, “blakjak19” managed to convert that to $344,407, winning against Stephen Chidwick, one of the best poker players in the world, after just one hand in the heads-up.

The field of 137 players narrowed down to the top nine on Day 1, which took place on October 11. “Gr4vyB04t” from Ireland was the unlucky player to bust in the tenth position, paving the way for the final table to be created. They won a total of $31,244 as a prize.

The final table started on October 13 and was streamed live on Twitch. Moreover, expert commentators Kevin “Rotterdam” van der Kooi and Randy “Nanonoko” Lew added a new layer of excitement to this event.

The Final Table Overview

The first player to be eliminated in the final table was Rica Copag from Brazil. He managed to lose his chips to Dario Sammartino, the 2019 WSOP Main Event runner-up, who had pocket aces in his hand, and Copag decided to three-bet all-in with pocket jacks. The flop gave Sammartino a set, which eventually resulted in Copag’s departure for a total of $40,792.

The next player to hit the rail was Niklas Astedt, another famous name in the poker community. Astedt shoved with ten big blinds left and pocket threes, but Alex Foxen followed him with pocket tens. After that, Astedt was left with just two big blinds but was eliminated after several hands, earning a total of $53,258.

The next player to leave the game was “winnerwsop” from Belarus, who decided to open-shove for 1,021,638 and king-queen in their hand. That was a bold move as the cards didn’t work in their favor, losing to “V@der” along the way. “winnerwsop” won a total of $69,534.

Idris Ambraisse from Morocco had to settle for the sixth place, and his prize was $90,785 in the end, leaving the last five players to try to reach the final prize.

Top Five

Alex Foxen, one of the best poker players in the world, had to leave the game in fifth place, earning a total of $118,529. The thing about his prize is that it would be distributed to 33 GGPoker players, as the platform recently allowed buying a piece of Foxen’s actions with the unique feature.

Foxen was eliminated by “blakjak19,” who open-shoved from the small blind, holding king-four of spades. Foxen decided to follow that with pocket sevens, but the king on the flop helped “blakjak19” improve and send Alex to the rail.

After that, it was time for “V@der” to leave the game. The player from Mexico managed to win a total of $154,752. The three remaining players were Dario Sammartino, Stephen Chidwick, and “blakjak19.”

Sammartino was eliminated by “blakjak19,” who started with min-raising from his 94 BB stack with king-jack, and Sammartino followed with all his 20 BBs from the small blind and pocket sixes. However, it turned out that Chidwick was still in the game with a pair of kings, so he also decided to call the other two players’ bet. However, the cards on the board were in “blakjak19’s” favor, so he made a severe blow to both players and eliminated Sammartino along the way.

The heads-up play lasted for just one hand, even though Chidwick had 44 big blinds in play. Namely, Chidwick decided to attack aggressively right away with six-four of spades, while “blakjak19” had ace-jack.

Chidwick managed to flop a straight, and the two players raised each other until “blakjak19” went all in. The turn was a two of spades, but the river was a diamond card, which was necessary for “blakjak19” who had a diamond in their hand and managed to make a flush on the river card, winning the last hand in style. Chidwick had to settle for $263,791.