BetOnline´s Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Twice within a Week

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker

Last month, BetOnline changed the distribution of its Bad Beat Jackpot so that every player actively playing at a Jackpot table shares in the prize money when a bad beat occurs. Consequently, players at BetOnline have enjoyed two Jackpot windfalls within a week just for being at the right place at the right time.

On Saturday 17th March local time, two players at BetOnline Poker´s $5/$10 Jackpot tables got all-in against each other in a Straight Flush > Straight Flush hand (you can read about the hand here). As both Straight Flushes had been made using the players´ hole cards, the hand qualified as a bad beat and more than $435,000 was distributed among the site´s cash game players.

On average, the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot gets won every three months or so; but, five days later it was won again, and a further $140,000 was distributed among the site´s cash game players. The bulk of the prize money goes to players involved in, and dealt into, the Jackpot winning hand, but every player playing at a Jackpot table also receives a share of the money – sometime quite a decent share.

If You are Going to Lose a Pot with Pocket Queens … …

The second Jackpot winning hand took place at a NL100 table last Thursday evening ($0.50/$1.00). Following the A 10♣ Q♣ Flop, the Turn of A♣, and the River of Q, the player in the UTG position – “nz111” – shoved all in with his stack of $93.22. The player in the Dealer position – “timmarymad” – made the call, and the two went to showdown:

  • nz111” showed K♣ J♣ for a turned Royal Flush
  • timmarymad” showed Q Q♠ for Quad Queens

As both hands had been made using the players´ hole cards, there had been at least four players dealt into the hand, and the hand had gone to showdown, the hand again qualified for the Bad Beat Jackpot. Unfortunately the size of the prize money was not as large as it had been the previous weekend, but it was still a sizable amount, having been reseeded with $187,398 from the previous Jackpot pool.

… … It Might as Well be Worth Your While

Consequently, the player who lost the pot after his/her pocket Queens had improved to Quad Queens – “timmarymad” – won $40,772.32 for suffering the bad beat. The winner of the pot with his/her Royal Flush – “nz111” – picked up $25,481.45 as their share, and a further $25,481.45 was shared among the seven other players who were involved in the hand ($3,640.21 each).

Due to the changes made to the distribution of the prize money last month, a further $25,481.45 was shared among all the other players actively participating at BetOnline´s Jackpot tables (if you are sitting out, you don´t receive anything). Each player only receives one share regardless of how many Jackpot tables they are playing at; but, over the course of the two Jackpot wins, the total amount distributed to players not involved in the Jackpot hands comes to more than $100,000 – within a week!

How Long Until the Jackpot is Won Again?

There is no knowing how long it might take until the Bad Beat Jackpot is won again. The longest it has gone to date is a little under six months from July 2017 to January 2018 – by which time the Jackpot prize money had grown to almost one million dollars. The site has made it easier for the Jackpot to be won by periodically reducing the qualifying criteria, but in both the most recent Jackpot wins, the qualifying hands were above the minimum criteria of losing a hand with Quad Jacks or better.

What is certain is that you won´t win a share of the Jackpot prize money if you don´t play at BetOnline Poker. Remember, you have to be actively playing at Jackpot table in order to qualify for a share of the money (sitting out has proved expensive on three previous occasions); and, if you are not yet a player at the site, but would like to get involved in the action, be sure to read our BetOnline review, where you will find instructions on how to claim a 200% first deposit bonus up to $2,500.