BetOnline to Run $10,000 Tournament with a Dollar Buy-in

BetOnline Poker has announced plans to run a $10,000 guaranteed poker tournament with a buy-in of just one dollar, and is giving away 100 entries each day.

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Dollar Insanity $10K GTD Tournament

BetOnline Poker has announced plans to run a $10,000 guaranteed poker tournament with a buy-in of just one dollar, and is giving away 100 entries each day.

BetOnline Poker´s “Dollar Insanity” event is scheduled to take place on Sunday 21st July at 8:00pm (all times ET). The $10,000 guaranteed deepstack NL Hold´em tournament will be a multi-entry event in which players will be allowed to enter a maximum of ten times within the three hours of late registration, or can start the event playing ten stacks simultaneously on ten different tables.

Each entry into the Dollar Insanity tournament costs just $1.10, but players can win free entries in the event by playing in ten-times-daily freeroll tournaments or by completing a daily mission. The freeroll tournaments are already proving to be extremely popular, and the possibility exists that the tournament could be fully subscribed at its 9,999 player cap well before it starts.

Going to be a Late Night if You Play this Event

As great as the opportunity is to win some of the $10,000 prize money for potentially nothing, it´s not going to come easily. The tournament starts with each player having a chip stack of ten thousand chips per entry and blinds of just 15/30 with a 3 chip ante. Levels increase slowly every ten minutes; and, even after three hours of late registration, the starting stack for latecomers is the equivalent of ten big blinds.

The late start to the game and its potential length is likely to play into the hands of players experienced at staying up into the early hours to finish a poker tournament. Players not used to late finishes may lack the concentration or the stamina to see the game to the end, and there could be a significant amount of dead money on the tables as the event approaches its conclusion.

How to Win up to Ten Dollar Insanity Seats for Free

If the prospect of a late finish doesn´t deter you from playing in the event, the simplest way to win free seats into the Dollar Insanity tournament is to complete a daily mission. Each daily mission is the same inasmuch as it consists of paying $1.00 or more in tournament entry fees. You can either pay the $1.00 in one go (i.e. in a $10.00 + $1.00 buy-in tournament) or break it up into – for example – ten $1.00 + $0.10 buy-in tournaments. Each day you complete your mission you will be awarded a free entry.

Alternatively you can take a chance on winning free entries via BetOnline Poker´s ten-times-daily Dollar Insanity freeroll tournaments. The tournaments run between 11.00 a.m. in the morning and 8.00 p.m. at night, but are only accessible via the BetOnline Poker app. If you only play at BetOnline Poker via the desktop client, you will have to download the app onto your mobile device before you can take part in this element of the promotion. Instructions how to do this can be found on BetOnline Poker´s website.

A Few Terms and Conditions to be Aware of

There are not many terms and conditions to be aware of, but it´s best to know what they are before you attempt to win free entries into the Dollar Insanity tournament. The first term is that players can only win a maximum of one free entry per day. It doesn´t matter if you pay $100 in tournament entry fees or win ten freeroll tournaments in a day, you will only be awarded one free entry into the tournament.

The ´second term is that any unused free entries will be forfeited. There are no cash exchanges nor tournament ticket exchanges available for unused entries into the Dollar Insanity event; so, if you win an entry every day between now and 21st July, you can only use the first ten. Every other free entry will expire when the tournament ends. Fortunately, any money you win is yours to do with what you like. There are no withdrawal restrictions or rollover requirements before you can cash out your winnings.

Don´t Delay – Win a Free Entry to the Dollar Insanity Event Today

As mentioned previously, the tournament is capped at 9,999 players and the Dollar Insanity freeroll tournaments are proving to be incredibly popular. There are more than 2,000 free entries still to be given away in freeroll tournament prizes before the start of the event, so make sure you get your hands on some as soon as possible by visiting BetOnline Poker today.