BetOnline Poker Update: Bad Beat Jackpot over $720,000

Bad Beat JackpotThe rapidly-increasing size of the Bad Beat Jackpot – now over $720,000 – is continuing to attract NL Texas Hold´em cash game players to BetOnline Poker.

Last month, we reported how the Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker had risen to $536,000 and that players were flocking to the site, drawn by the lure of a potentially life-changing “loss”. Now, five weeks later, due to the number of NL Texas Hold´em cash game players visiting the site, the prize pool for the Bad Beat Jackpot has grown by more than a third to $722,000.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away, and this being the last weekend of the month when BetOnline Poker hosts its monthly $100K guaranteed “Main Event”, the volume of traffic at the site is likely to escalate – accelerating the pace at which the Bad Beat Jackpot continues to grow. By next week, the prize pool could be in excess of $750,000 – if somebody doesn´t win it first!

How Much You Could Win When the Jackpot Hits

We explained [geolink href=”″]in last month´s article[/geolink] how the Bad Beat Jackpot works. Unfortunately due to a formatting error, the distribution percentages of the prize money did not appear correctly. The following is the corrected version of the prize distribution, with the actual amounts each player would receive if the Jackpot were to be won today in brackets (based on a prize pool of $722,000).

  • The player who suffers the Bad Beat – losing a pot with a qualifying hand of Quad Jacks or better – would win 27.5% of the prize pool ($198,500).
  • The winner of the hand would collect 15% of the prize pool along with whatever he or she wins with their hand of Quad Queens or better ($108,300).
  • Every other player dealt into the hand in which the Bad Beat occurs shares 15% of the prize pool ($27,075 each on a 6-Max table or $15,471 each on a full-ring table).
  • Every player active on another BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot table would share 5% of the prize pool (around $180 each based on two hundred active players).
  • The next Bad Beat Jackpot would be seeded with 27.5% of the prize pool ($198,500) and BetOnline takes a 10% administration charge ($72,200) to conduct security checks.

However you look at it, that´s not a bad amount of money to win for being in the right place at the right time! The Bad Beat Jackpot has already been won three times this year, with the losers of each hand celebrating wins of $137,177.64, $229,350.34 and $151,711.48 respectively. The prize pool is not going to have to grow much larger before the record for a BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is beaten.

You Can Still Win at BetOnline Poker Even if the Jackpot is Not Won

If the Bad Beat Jackpot remains intact, players still have the opportunity to pick up valuable cash prizes in BetOnline Poker´s Cash Race promotion. This weekly promotion awards players leaderboard points for the contribution each makes to the rake deducted from cash game tables, and rewards up to sixty players each week with cash prizes of up to $2,000 depending on their final position on the leaderboard.

Why “up to sixty players”? This is because the promotion accounts for players with smaller bankrolls and has three leaderboards across three different stake ranges – each leaderboard paying twenty places. Players can compete in all three leaderboard competitions each week. So, although a maximum of sixty players can cash in the promotion, it is often fewer due to one or two players picking up multiple prizes.

Tell Me Punk. Are You Feeling (Un)Lucky?

With so many different opportunities to win at BetOnline Poker, most players consider themselves lucky to be playing at the site. However, if you were to be unlucky, you could console yourself with a substantial chunk of the Bad Beat Jackpot or – while you are waiting for the Jackpot hand to arrive – by clearing the valuable first deposit bonus for new players.

BetOnline Poker offers new players a 200% bonus on first deposits up to a maximum bonus amount of $2,500. In our review you can [geolink href=””]read[/geolink] about the special terms and conditions attached to the bonus offer. The bonus has realistic clearing requirements and you should be able to clear the maximum bonus within the sixty days allowed – by which time you could have also shared in the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot provided you are in the right place at the right time.