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Be a PowerFest High Roller at Party Poker from Just $1.10

Party Poker´s Steps Sit & Go program gives players the opportunity to qualify for the valuable tournaments in the High Rollers PowerFest from just $1.10.

PowerFest at Party PokerParty Poker´s Steps Sit & Go program gives players the opportunity to qualify for the valuable tournaments in the High Rollers PowerFest from just $1.10.

Last weekend saw the finish of the Featherweight and Middleweight divisions of Party Poker´s current PowerFest tournament series. For many players, it was the end of their participation in PowerFest as – for the remainder of the series – tournament buy-ins start at $109.00 (Heavyweight division) and $530.00 (High Rollers division).

However, there is a way in which players with modest bankrolls can qualify for the higher buy-in events through Party Poker´s Steps Sit & Go program. Party Poker´s has an aggressive Steps program that starts at $1.10 level and concludes in a game with a prize pool of $3,000. All of the games are played in 6-Max format, and many of the Steps pay three places or deeper.

How the Sit & Go Steps Program Works

Party Poker´s Sit & Go program has five Steps. Players can buy-in directly with cash to any of the Steps or use any tournament dollars they have in their accounts. Because of the aggressive nature of the program – with buy-ins rising steeply – the first of the Steps is pretty tough. Only the winner wins a prize of any value, with $0.50 in tournament dollars (T$) as a consolation prize for the runner-up. Thereafter the prize distribution gets better:

step buy-in 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place
1 $1.10 $5.50 ticket $0.50 T$
2 $5.50 $22.00 ticket $5.50 ticket $1.10 ticket $1.10 ticket $0.30 T$
3 $22.00 $109.00 ticket $5.50 ticket $5.50 ticket
4 $109.00 $530.00 ticket $22.00 ticket x2 $22.00 ticket $4.00 T$
5 $530.00 $1,050 ticket x2 $530.00 ticket $109.00 ticket x2 $109.00 ticket $22.00 ticket + $21.00 T$

Steps games run around the clock and can be found in the Sit & Go section of the Party Poker lobby. One important point to note is that tournament tickets won through the Sit & Go Steps program do not have to exclusively be used for the next stage of the program or indeed for any PowerFest tournament. If, for example, you were to win a $22.00 tournament ticket in a Step 2 Sit & Go, you could use it to enter any event or satellite on Party Poker.

Plenty of Valuable Options with Low Buy-Ins

Party Poker´s low buy-in options may not extend to the $1 million guaranteed events in the High Rollers PowerFest series, but they are still worth looking at. Each week, Party Poker hosts more than 170 poker tournaments with buy-ins of between $5.50 and $11.00 and more than $200,000 in guaranteed prize money. The biggest event of the week is the Sunday Jab which has a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000.

If you bankroll supports buy-ins of between $22.00 and $55.00, you have even more options. In excess of $850,000 is guaranteed over the 230 tournaments within this buy-in range each week. Again, the most valuable event is saved for Sunday – the $22.00 buy-in Sunday Contender event guaranteeing a minimum prize pool of $20,000.

Cash Game Missions Still on the Tables

If you are not a tournament player, and you are looking to spice up your cash game action, Party Poker is running two cash game missions which may be of interest to you. The first involves winning hands with pocket pairs in descending order. Once you have won a hand with A-A, you move onto K-K, Q-Q and so on. The mission is completed when you win a hand with a pair of deuces.

The second mission involves winning pots with every possible best hand. In this mission your first challenge is to win a pot with a pair. You then move onto two pairs, three-of-a-kind and so on. The mission is completed when you win a pot with a straight flush. Each mission pays a reward of $25.00 cash on completion and, to start each one, opt in on the Missions page of the Player Admin Section.

Plenty More Going on at Party Poker

The above is just a selection of the promotions currently taking place at Party Poker. The site is also having a major push to qualify players for the [geolink href=”″]Caribbean Poker Party[/geolink] in November and has just launched a “Road to WPT Montreal” satellite schedule for players who prefer cold weather and warm beer. Make sure you don´t miss out on the opportunities available at the site by visiting [geolink href=””]Party Poker[/geolink] today.