“bazzzarov” Wins Almost $10K at Millions Superstorm

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Right now, there’s a huge poker festival underway on a popular poker platform called 888poker. In fact, according to 888 officials, this is the biggest festival to have ever taken place on the site, and it is called Millions Superstorm.

It started on September 10 and will end on October 11. More than $8 million is being awarded to the best players throughout 480 tournaments.

One of the most recent winners was a player from Russia who uses the online moniker “bazzarov.” They claimed the biggest cash prize after topping the 888Millions $160 PKO 8-Max.

This event came with a total of $50,000 in guaranteed prizes, and Russia’s player managed to win a total of $9,637. More than half of that was the prize money ($4,997), whereas the other half was the amount they managed collect via bounties ($4,640).

The Russian player has limited data about them on the web. So far, it’s only known that they took part in approximately 408 games on the web and made about $33,800 by playing online poker. The average buy-in price they paid was $46, with the biggest buy-in being $530.

However, this event wasn’t the only one that took place in the previous period, as 888poker hosts dozens of events daily. After all, they need to fit 480 events in a month, so the schedule had to be tightly packed if they wanted to succeed in their intention.

The most anticipated competition is definitely the $320 888Millions Superstorm Main Event, which is currently underway. This event comes with $1 million in guaranteed prizes. However, while this event is still active, let’s check a couple of events that wrapped up. Read on!

Other Finished Events at Millions Superstorm

Another player who recently achieved significant success at Millions Superstorm was a Canadian who uses the nickname “danimal19.” They managed to take down the 888Millions $109 PKO 9-Max, which also offered a total of $50,000 in guaranteed prizes. The Canadian won a total of $9,455. The original prize money was $5,466, and the rest was from the bounties.

“Foenkerd83” managed to win in the 888Millions $33 BIG Fish, which offered a total of $12,000 in guarantees. They won a total of $2,322 for their effort, after beating the field of 389 players.

The $22 Mini PKO 9-Max also took place recently, and the player who managed to win it was using the online moniker “wacko90.” The UK player topped the field of 869 to win $2,137 in prizes + $1,094 in bounties. The prize pool for this event was $20,000.

One of the prizes went to Lithuania, after the player nicknamed “Pulgetti” managed to top the $16.50 BIG Fish event that attracted 791 players. The event offered $15,000 in guarantees, and “Pulgetti” managed to snatch a total of $2,834.

One of the players who decided to reveal their name was Michael Skeldon, also known as “HyperX.” Skeldon had a pretty successful run himself on October 1, when he topped the $22 Mini PKO 8-Max event with the field of 871 entries. The prize pool for this competition was $20,000, and Skeldon won the lion’s share by receiving $2,139 in prizes and $1,425 in bounties.

Brazil’s Alex “AGelinski” Gelinski also had a great run, topping the 398-strong field at $22 PKO. This event offered a total of $8,000 in guaranteed prizes, and Gelinski managed to snatch $778 + $820 in bounty money, achieving an important victory.